Labradorite & Blue Moonstone Pendant - 69.99
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Labradorite & Blue Moonstone Pendant - 69.99

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Labradorite & Blue Moonstone set in silver.

Dimensions: 5 cm x 2 cm

Weight: 0.31 oz

Chain is not included.

Labradorite: (Copyright © Karen Osborne, 2011) Known as the great bringer of cosmic light, Labradorite raises consciousness and connects with Universal energies. It is a stone of the Ancestors and the Star Nations; it is very much an extra-terrestrial stone that helps us to connect to higher dimensional beings. Labradorite floods the aura with a rainbow of iridescent colors, including off-world colors and colors we cannot perceive with rdinary vision. By doing so, it can provide protection, seal and repair fissures in the human aura. Labradorite also mitigates the effects of people, places and situations that may have a draining effect. The flashing array of colors also works to foil attempts made by others to ‘read’ information in our auras. The inner rainbows of this stone are not always immediately visible. They can be ‘hidden.’ We have to turn the stone to see them, looking deeper and from different angles and perspectives until the inner luminescence is revealed. Labradorite reminds us that we need to look deeper and from different perspectives to discover our own inner rainbows that may yet be unknown to us. Labradorite helps us remember our infinite nature and cosmic origins. It is a stone of self-discovery and awakening to one’s own inner magic. It encourages belief in self and trust in one’s own abilities. Labradorite also has a long tradition of use as a shamanic stone. It is a great ally to the shamanic journeying and regression. It can help you to process and recall the experiences of the dreamtime and other realms. Ultimately Labradorite is a stone of Ascension, bringing energies of transformation and evolution. It creates alignment with life-purpose and attracts synchronistic experience into one’s life. It brings the ah ha’s into mundane experience and allows us to feel the groove. It opens the flow that allows for manifestation of the highest good.

Blue Moonstone: Blue Moonstone is a powerful activator for unawakened potential. It opens one to very high levels of consciousness, vibration and dimension. Judy Hall describes Blue Moonstone as an activator of the hypothalamus, hippocampus, pineal and pituitary glands, and the third eye and soma chakras. Blue Moonstone attunes the metabolism to assimilate the minerals and nutrients that the activated lightbody requires to function on the Earth plane. Spiritually, Blue Moonstone enables you to have a foot in both worlds – physical and spiritual – being ‘here’ and ‘there’ at the same time with no duality or conflict and complete clarity of awareness.

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