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Lazulite Polished Stone - 33.99

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Polished Lazulite Crystal from Madagascar. Colour is more blue with no green tinge than the photo shows

Size: 5.4 x 4.8 x 2.5 cm

Weight: 3.95 oz

Lazulite: Psychic abilities; Mental focus and discipline; Enhanced transcendent brain function; perhaps the purest representative of the indigo ray and highly stimulating to the third eye chakra; stimulates all psychic abilities; an ideal stone for those who already have some psychic abilities and wish to enhance them or for beginner who want to stimulate latent abilities; meditation with this stone on the third eye is the best way to bring forward psychic abilities; placing under pillow can bring experiences of astral travel; excellent stone for dream work; brings greater focus and mental discipline – excellent stone for students or professionals who work long hours; can provide inspirational insight to researchers, writers and artists; provides for peak brain functioning, memory and linking right and left brain; stimulates lobes in front of brain that are still mysterious and unknown – paranormal ability; excellent for headaches and migraines; helps recover vision lost through eye strain.

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