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Lemurian Laser - 14.99

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Lemurian laser Crystal from Brazil

Weight: 0.2 oz

Length: 7.3 cm

Lemurian Lasers:  Hold the secret of laser ray projection. We, as a race, are only now ready to consciously use a small portion of their potential.  In the right hands they become extremely effective healing tools and beneficial teachers.
Carry the knowledge of the ancient root civilizations and their stellar spaces of origination. Have a profound and intimate relationship with both outer space and the depths of inner earth. Create a bridge between worlds. Often tabular in form which represents the integration, balancing, and linking together of dimensions, polarities or frequencies. Used in personal meditation it is possible to bridge gaps in communion with the Self as well as establish finer communication with the crystalline kingdom.  When used in the healing temples of Lemuria, they gathered knowledge on the human condition and how to heal it. The more healing that was done with them, the more powerful they became, the more knowledge they contain, and the more markings can be noticed. Through personal meditation and attunement with etched Laser Wands one can virtually be educated in the advanced healing arts that were practiced by the Lemurians.

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