Lizardite Cabochon - 34.99
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Lizardite Cabochon - 34.99

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Oval shape Lizardite Cabochon from Norway

Size: 4.1 cm H x 2 cm W x 0.6 cm D

Weight: 0.37 oz

Colour and shade of stone may slightly vary from what is shown in the photograph.

Source: Norway

Lizardite: Lizardite is a form of Serpentine. It’s a magnesium silicate hydroxide mineral named after one of the places it is found, Lizard Point, UK.

Lizardite: (Crystalpedia) Lizardite or Orthoantigorite is known as The Stone of Nature A magnesium silicate hydroxide mineral, Lizardite belongs to the Serpentine group of metamorphic and igneous rocks. Lizardite is named after a star location at Lizard Point, UK where it is carved by craftsman into ornamental stoneware. Lizardite is an earthly stone that has a strong healing vibration that aids meditation and spiritual expectation. The vibration of this stone opens and clears all of the Chakras and meridians and is an exceptional meditation stone. It attunes one with nature and the Devic Realms. Lizardite motivates one to explore and connect with nature and assists communication with the Delvic Realms.  Lizardite is known to boost concentration and clear the mind during meditation.  It balances mood swings and brings a peaceful mind to aid solving conflicts.  On the physical level, Lizardite is useful in the treatment of diabetes, aiding mineral absorption, easing kidney and stomach pain, relaxing cramps, relieving menstrual pain and helping women reach orgasm. Chemical Composition: Mg3Si2O5(OH)4

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