Lizardite - Oval Cabochon - 34.99
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Lizardite - Oval Cabochon - 34.99

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Size: 4.1 cm H x 2 cm W x 0.6 cm D

Weight: 0.37 oz

Colour and shade of stone may slightly vary from what is shown in the photograph.

Source: Norway

Lizardite: Lizardite is a form of Serpentine. It’s a magnesium silicate hydroxide mineral named after one of the places it is found, Lizard Point, UK.

Lizardite opens all chakras in the human body as well as the Earth Star chakra. Lizardite connects to the magnetic core of the Earth, the mineral kingdom and especially the kingdoms of the animals, plants and Devic realms. Lizardite is an excellent stone for clearing energy blockages and facilitating flow in the energetic meridians of the body. It can stimulate stagnant areas of one’s being and even awaken the rise of Kundalini.

Lizardite can be helpful in treating diabetes and helping the body to absorb minerals.

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