Lodestone Tumbled - 0.99
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Lodestone Tumbled - 0.99

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Small tumbled Loadstones from the USA

Average Size: 1 x 0.7 x 0.3 cm

Average Weight: 0.06 oz

Lodestone or Magnetite: powerful positive-negative polarity, used for magnetic therapy; grounding stone; realigns energy flows; attracts, repels, energizes or sedates as appropriate; relieves aches and pains in muscles; aids telepathy, meditation, visualization; brings balanced perspective, trust in own intuition; attracts love, commitment and loyalty; alleviates fear, anger, grief, over-attachment; brings tenacity, endurance; balances intellect with emotions; aids asthma, blood and circulatory system, skin, hair; anti-inflammatory, heals muscle strains, cramps

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