Low Grade Moldavite - 21.99
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Low Grade Moldavite - 21.99

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Low Grade Moldavite from Czech Republic

Average Size: 3.5 x 1.5 x 0.7 cm

Average Weight: 0.36 oz

Moldavite: rare stone, enhances vibration of other crystals; brings communication with higher-self, extraterrestrials, ascended masters; accelerates spiritual growth, raises personal vibration; opens and clears, aligns charkas; crown chakra stone; accesses other lives to learn what is needed in this life; good for sensitive people such as star children who have come to earth to aid the transition – helps their home- sickness; grounding with hematite or smoky quartz recommended; takes you beyond your limits and boundaries; develops detachment from earthbound security issues such as money; contacts your spiritual purpose; supports empathy and compassion; inspiring stone, brings unexpected solutions forward; makes one aware of cause and source of disease; brings gift of the illness to your attention. Naisha Ashian: storm element stone; brings massive transformation, cleansing and changes on every level; carries intense frequency that activates the entire chakra system, stimulates the kundalini, cracks open psychic channels and propels one into the future like a cosmic boot in the butt to kick start one’s spiritual development; New Age stone; form of tektite, formed as meteorite struck earth; THE cosmic attunement stone; promotes connection to guides, expanded awareness; visceral experience of highest frequencies; be ready to go into your deepest, darkest fears , secrets and shadows. Be ready to look in the mirror. Once the monsters are all stirred up Moldavite will shine brightest Light into the depths revealing that they are mice!  Moldavite is an action stone, more than a healing stone and is best for people who are fairly well balanced and ready to move onto the next phase.  It often creates a healing crisis so that you can learn how you have created and how to shift out of it.  Affirmation: I open myself to transformation and I invoke the manifestation of my highest destiny.

(Judy Hall) Moldavite is a useful stone for sensitive people who find it difficult being in incarnation on the Earth and who cannot adjust to suffering and deep emotions.  Many such people are ‘Star Children’ who have come to aid the Earth in its time of transition into a new vibration.  They are unsed to energies of Earth and find it difficult to integrate the spiritual bodies into the physical, and need to ground Moldavite when in use.  Hematite and Smoky Quartz are excellent grounding stones to pair with Moldavite.  Placed on the heart, Moldavite eases homesickness for those whose origin is not Earth.  Moldavite has no crystalline structure and so it takes one way beyond limits and boundaries.  Psycologically, Moldavite helps in developing detachment from mundance, earthbound security issues such as money and worries for the future.  Moldavite provides an overview of reasons for incarnating and helps integrate spiritual purpose into Earthly life.  It supports empathy and compassion.  Moldavite is unconventional and inspiring, bringing the unexpected solution forward.  It can awaken latent memories and access spiritual information through the higher intellect.  It releases fixed ideas and archaic belief systems and can neutralize hypnotic commands.

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