Magenta Fluorite Cluster - 37.99
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Magenta Fluorite Cluster - 37.99

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Magenta Fluorite Cluster

Size: 7.6 x 4.2 cm

Weight: 4.6 oz

Source: Mexico

Magenta Fluorite: (unknown author) Magenta Fluorite takes love to a higher octave or a higher expression.  It moves it beyond emotional love into divine love - an all encompassing, non-judgemental, non-emotional love.  Fluorite is a highly structured crystal that brings order to energies so that we are able to understand them and harness them.  Different colours of fluorite have appeared on earth when its become time to understand new concepts, new energies.  There are very few stones that carry the magenta frequency. Magenta Fluorite embodies swan medicine - the capacity to perceive our true beauty within ourselves, to release illusions of feeling like the "ugly duckling".  Magenta is about recognizing the beauty and importance of every little leaf, every stone and every part of what we do as a reflection of the Divine - a recognition that the so called "little things" are just as important as grand plans and ideals.  It reminds us that the divine is in everything, its in us and its in everything we do - its in the meals you cook, in the garden you tend, in the garbage you put out, your accounts, etc.  It reminds us to focus on the details, to do everything with love and respect and to the best of our abilities - to see purpose and take pride in all we do.  It helps us recognize that we are indeed fulfilling our purpose and the divine plan within us in everything we do, everyday of our lives - we only have to open our eyes to it and see it.  It also helps us see ourselves from a different perspective, from the perspective of divine love.  Magenta fluorite helps us recognize that even our so-called "negative" traits or experiences have are actually all part of the plan and can be more rightly seen as gifts you were given - often at great karmic cost to another - which you can now recognize, love, respect and let go of in genuine gratitude because they have done their job and are no longer needed.  Once you can see them from this perspective you can indeed disentangle yourself from them and truly "let go" and move on.

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