Malachite - Polished Piece - 149.99
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Malachite - Polished Piece - 149.99

Regular price $149.99

Approx. Size: 15.5cm L x 7cm H x 5.5 W

Weight: 35.3oz (2.2lbs)

Please note that the colour may slightly vary from what is shown in the photograph.

Malachite: Absorbs Negative Energies, Soaks up Electromagnetic and Radiation Pollution, Strengthens Energetic Shield, Breaks through Limitations & Barriers, Brings Strength to Change, Encourages Taking Responsibility, Correct Use of Power, Ego-buster, Midwifing Stone, Pain Relief, Eases Cramping, Heals Miasms, Overcomes Phobias, Clears Solar Plexus, Lowers Blood Pressure

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