Mangano Calcite Tumbled - 4.99
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Mangano Calcite Tumbled - 4.99

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Pink Mangano Calcite Tumbled stones from Peru


Average Size: 2 cm - mostly round shapes

Pink Mangano Calcite: (Robert Simmons) Pink Mangano Calcite is a heart crystal that is in contact with the angelic realms. A stone of forgiveness, pink mangano releases fear and grief that keeps the heart trapped in the past. Pink Mangano brings in unconditional love and aids self-worth and self-acceptance. Pink mangano heals nervous conditions, lifts tension and anxiety and prevents nightmares. Mangano’s loving energy gently dissolves resistance and is helpful for anyone who has suffered trauma or assault.

(Naisha Ahsian) - Mangano assists integration of minerals, particularly calcium from food and supplement sources; it carries the pattern of health and wholeness, subtly enhancing the auric field’s support of the body’s ability to regenerate tissue in recovery from surgery or traumatic injury; it encourages optimal function of the heart and soothes and clears the emotional body; it is ideal for infants or elders experiencing heart difficulties; it can stimulate gentle release of buried anger or grief in order to fully clear one’s emotional patterns; placing Mangano in a child’s room or play area infuses the area with supportive, calming and loving energy (true for adults as well, filling the living space with a relaxing, clearing and revitalizing vibration; wonderful in areas where people may be feeling strong emotional turmoil and trauma, such as healing rooms, therapists offices, clinics or hospitals; helps alleviate hysteria and encourages the release of emotions while supporting and uplifting the heart; Mangano is an excellent tool for those who have trouble connecting with their emotions or who tend to bury their emotions beneath a veneer of intellectualism, cynicism or sarcasm.  It can assist those individuals in being more honest in their communications and can help passive-aggressive behavior and/or irrational anger; stimulates circulation and aids in the distribution of nutrients to the tissues; connects one to Divine Love and activates the heart; aids those with heart disease and those who have difficulty expressing their true feelings.  Do not cleanse in water.  Affirmation: “My heart is in a state of constant well-being and appreciation, and through my heart, I am connected with All-That-Is.”

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