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Size: 4.2 x 3.3 x 1.6 cm

Weight: 0.60 oz

Marble: Zebra Marble: Being a Water and Air Element stone, Zebra Marble is both grounding and ethereal at the same time - the deep dark black indicative of the mysterious ocean depths or Underworld, and the stark white indicative of the Celestial realm - creating an excellent balance between earth, sea and sky, catering to body, spirit and mind. Zebra Marble always shows both sides of any issue. Zebra Marble has the overall effect of lightening up one’s attitudes and perceptions of life. The original laughter and humor stone, it also helps with balancing energy between work and play, as well as stimulating physical energy and increasing stamina. This dualistic stone has the wonderful ability of bringing optimism when things look bleak. It is a happy stone with an enlightening quality, and can relieve sorrow. It reminds us that to every dark there is a light. In fact, the name Marble derives from the Latin "Marmar" taken from the Greek root "Marmarous" meaning "shining". This stone encourages a 'glass is half full' attitude. It helps us go beyond all that is superficial, and delves into the true character and nature of things. It allows us to recognize and acknowledge the spirit within, by teaching that the energies associated with love are boundless and eternal. This type of Marble bestows guidance on how to take control of our thoughts, and how to keep them pure. In doing this, it assists in the manifestation of our hopes, dreams and desires. Zebra Marble brings coveted clarity in its black and white representation of things; its lucid simplicity resulting in a peaceful serene feeling, thus enhancing a state of mind which provides for a more natural access to deeper states of meditation. It also aids in tantric practices. When used in tarot stone divination, Zebra Marble is often used to represent the Death card, signifying transitional endings to new beginnings.  Those of us who use Zebra Marble will find ourselves increasingly equipped with heightened instinct and intuition, and thus a greater compassion for and understanding of the world around us. We will also find that this dualistic stone affords us both physical and emotional protection throughout the bleak winter months. In health related issues, Zebra Marble is good for aiding with disorders of the skeletal system and bone marrow. It is also said to be useful in fighting viral and bacterial infection, and in the easing of sore throats.  Bodily, Marble is a metamorphosed Limestone, meaning re-crystallized to contain a Calcite and/or Dolomite; the Zebra variety is dolomitic. The various colors and patterns associated with the various types of Marble are produced by additional impurities incorporated at time of development. Marble is originally created when countless billions of sea creatures' shells are heated, compacted, and transformed within the earth. Spiritually, many religious buildings, sculptures and artifacts have been constructed of Marble, as it was looked upon as a living stone.  From Mabon to Samhain (or Ostara to Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere), the veil between the worlds begins to thin, and Marble of any kind can be an aid in connecting with our ancestors and the Old Ones. Zebra Marble, specifically, allows for a smooth balance and keeps the connection and flow between here and there nicely opened. And for the mind, mystical and mundane knowledge is likely to come through this vibrant and animated stone. Because of its oceanic origins, Zebra Marble is a stone related to the directions of West and East, and carries all the Water and Air Element properties. It is also helpful in dream recall.

Marble is soft and can be easily broken or, over a period of time, dissolved - care should be taken when cleansing the stone.

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