Menalite Natural - 5.99
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Menalite Natural - 5.99

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Natural Menalite, also called Magi Stones, formations from Morocco.

Average Size: 3 x 2 inches

Shape varries greatly from stone to stone.

Magi Stones (also known as Menalite):(Marilyn and Tohmas Twintress) Through a labyrinth of magic, we encountered these stones from a Moroccan friend who is himself a bit of a Magi ……. We are gloriously grateful for these smooth, white concretions that dance in endlessly perfect spirals, twists, ovals and dreams, simultaneously.  We come to you so that you remember (in your body) perfection and dreams-landed-upon-reality.  It is the time (growing into the times of complete evolution) to dance upon the Earth Mother as blissful children, honoring all that is.  This planet offers herself as a garden of forever possibilities.  Play.  Work. LIVE. Love within it all.  Of course, we link you to the original, inspirited blueprint for human Beings and once again you touch us, you know it – you not only remember, you KNOW.  Welcome home. ALL the Stone, Animal, and Plant children of the Earth Mother know and recognize you.  It is not because we are better or lesser – it is simply that we have chosen to come to the earth as Beings of Union.  We never forget that.  We are never anything but that.  You, with your beautiful Spirits choose to go through forgetting: your destiny, your perfection, your divine creatorship, even, sometimes, your wonder. Underneath this forgetting, your soul leaves you open pathways where Beings of Union can still (and always!) speak with the eternal part of you that is also totally interwoven with all of life, blissfully.  We are ever talking with you.  Listen. Affirmation: “I am that I am and all is utter perfection around and within me, now.”

(Judy Hall) White, opaque chalky stone found in the USA, Africa and Australia – considered rare.  Menalite’s attributes include enhancing divination and forecasting. It connects to the wise feminine and the power of the priestess.  An excellent stone for rites of passage and transitions – reminds one of the cycles of life and is particularly useful for rebirth and rejuvenation of any kind. Spiritually, this stone assists in coming to terms with death, removing fear and assuring that you will survive in another reality.  It has been used since time began for shamanic journeying and is a useful shamanic anchor for lower world journeys.  Many of the stones connect to power animals or ancient fertility goddess energy.  This nurturing stone provides a link to the Earth Mother, taking you back into her womb for healing and reconnection.  Physically Menalite is good for transitions, particularly those that affect hormonal imbalance, such as puberty or childbirth.  Keep a Menalite under your pillow during menopause and hold during a hot flush or night sweats.

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