Moonstone Earrings - 29.99
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Moonstone Earrings - 29.99

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Round faceted Moonstone Crystals in silver bezel setting: French hook style

Weight of pair: 0.06 oz

Dimensions of stones: 0.4 diameter (across)

Moonstone: Moonstone is light colored opal-like feldspar composed of calcium, sodium, silica and aluminum. It is traditionally believed to bring good luck and good fortune to the wearer.

Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings, feminine energy and intuition. It promotes intuition, and empathy and makes the unconscious, conscious. Moonstone aids lucid dreaming and enhances psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance. It is soothing, calms stress and helps one not react to emotional triggers. Moonstone is an emotional healer for women and men. It balances activity with passivity and encourages one to ‘just be’. It is an excellent pregnancy stone – all the way from conception to childbirth and breast-feeding. It is good for feminine organs, PMS, and the pancreas.

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