Mystic Merlinite Rough - 3.99
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Mystic Merlinite Rough - 3.99

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Rough, natural pieces of Mystic Merlinite or Indigo Gabro from Madagascar

Average Size: 3.5 x 3 x 2 cm

Average Weight: 1.131 oz

Mystic Merlinite, also known as Indigo Gabbro: (Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian) Mystic Merlinite is a unique mineral discovered in Madagascar that has not been fully analyzed.  It contains Quartz, Feldspar and several trace minerals.  Mystic Merlinite can part the veils between the visible and invisible worlds, opening the doors to deeper intuitive abilities.  It aids in developing psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and prophetic vision.  It can facilitate the opening of dormant areas of the mind and in recalling knowledge and talents from past lives.  It increases sensitivity to communications of the subtle realms, allowing one to “talk” with plant and animal spirits, as well as other entities in the spirit worlds.  For those wishing to work with elemental energies for magical manifestation or awakening to mystical experiences, this stone can be a powerful ally.  A mystical experience can be described as the sudden realization of who one truly is.  Mystic Merlinite’s most important quality is the expansion of self-awareness to the critical point at which such sudden realizations occur.  The black and white mixture of Mystic Merlinite symbolizes the Light and Shadow sides of the self, both of which one must embrace in the moment of inner awakening.  Working inwardly with Mystic Merlinite is a way of putting oneself on this path of self-realization.  One of its key qualities is that of bringing the exiled parts of oneself back into the Light of consciousness.  One must invite one’s judged and rejected parts into the Light of the Heart, loving the very qualities we have been taught are bad or unacceptable.  This often-difficult passage can lead to the true mystic union, which brings the self into wholeness and allows the unity of self and the world.  Mysteriously, this stone embodies and encourages the critical inner gesture that can lead one into a whole new life.  In that new life, one constantly extends the gesture of loving, non-judgmental appreciation to each moment and each being encountered.  Mystic Merlinite Speaks: “I call all who seek self-awareness and self-mastery to join me in bringing yourselves into fullness.  You are in your potential, mystics and makers of magic.  I stand as your teacher, encouraging your metamorphosis and awakening.”

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