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Okenite Cluster - 174.00

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Okenite, Apophyllite, Prehnite and Mordenite on Basalt matrix from India

Size: 13.8 x 8 x 3.8 cm

Weight: 17.50 oz

Okenite: (naturesforyou) Okenite is an uncommon mineral of the Zeolite family. It grows within basalt geodes in small round clusters of straight, radiating and fibrous crystals that resemble white cotton.  Extremely fragile, Okenite should be handled with the utmost care - even stroking it gently can mat, bend or break its delicate fibers.  Okenite was first discovered at Disko Island in Greenland in 1828 & was named for the German naturalist, Lorenz Oken.  Since that time, it has also been found in India, Azerbaijan, Aranga, New Zealand, Chile, Ireland and Bordo Island in the US VIrgin Islands.  Just like its appearance, Okenite has a furry, soft and loving energy that instills feelings of comfort and belonging. Simply having a piece nearby is calming & brings peace of mind. One of the New Age stones, Okenite links you to your Higher Self and helps you in your spiritual journey on this earthly plane.  Other metaphysical meanings of Okenite: purifies all of your Chakras and subtle bodies, uniting their energies and stimulating the Crown Chakra in particular; helps you manifest your desires; clears obstacles from your path; gives you the stamina to complete tasks and follow your life path; helps you come to terms with being in this lifetime and the reasons for the things you experience; shows you Karmic debts and opportunities that help you to grow; enables deep Karmic healing on all levels; helps you to understand how your past influences your present and how your present can create your future; promotes truth, yet protects you against its harsh reality when needed; helps you to accept things that others say to or about you with love and allows you to know things ring true or false; helps you to forgive yourself at a deep level as well as others; teaches you that everything is part of the cycle of your soul learning lessons and that nothing endures forever; helps you to change your way(s) of thinking if needed and lessens denial; releases old patterns of thinking and behaviour that no longer serve you; helps you to have better and more appropriate beliefs; encourages you to step aside from situations when you have done all you can; helps you to stay calm and not react when in situations that aren’t harmonious; facilitates psychic visioning and channeling; stimulates the flow of blood and milk in nursing mothers; stimulates circulation in the upper body; purifying stone that helps to heal blood diseases and problems as well as stomach disorders; lowers fevers; relieves nervous disorders.

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