Triplet Opal & Peridot Pendant - 87.77
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Triplet Opal & Peridot Pendant - 87.77

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Facetted Peridot stone + Triplet Opal set in Silver

Triplets consist of three layers: A black backing. A paper-thin slice of opal in the middle. A clear quartz capping in the shape of a dome to give a cabochon style shape to the stone.

Opal: Luck, Hope, Cosmic Consciousness, Psychic Visions, Originality, Creativity, Accessing and Expressing True Self, Karmic Lessons, Love, Self-Worth, Passion, Desire, Eroticism, Release of Inhibitions, Loyalty, Spontaneity, Relieves PMS, Eases Childbirth

Peridot: Wealth and Prosperity, Health, Joy, Emotional Well-being, Taking Responsibility, Courage to Act on Heart’s Desires, Generosity, Self-Worth, Confidence, Freedom from Guilt, Communication Fairy Realms and Nature Spirits, Neutralizes Toxins, Releases Old Baggage/Burdens/Guilt/Obsessions, Teaches Detachment, Sharpens Mind, Plant and Animal Healer, Heals and Regenerates Tissues, Aids Bipolar and Hypochondria

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