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Orgone Pyramid - Iolite, Clear Quartz Point 39.99

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Base: 2.5"

May vary slightly from what is shown. 

Iolite: Deep Inner Journey, Shamanic Journeying Stone, Vision, Illuminates Suppressed/Unknown Parts of Psyche, Facing Fears, Intuitive Knowing, Aids Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Mediums and Channels, Attunes to Past-Life Periods with Cathars, Knights Templar and Arthurian Legends, Opens 3rd Eye, Helps Understand and Release Causes of Addictions, Overcomes Codependency, Regenerates Liver, Treats Respiratory System

Clear Quartz: Master Stone, Powerful Healer, Energy Amplifier, Strengthens Aura, Purifies, Clarifies, Divinity

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