Palo Santo Wood Smudge Sticks - 8.99
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Palo Santo Wood Smudge Sticks - 8.99

Regular price $8.99

8.99 for package of 5 natural wood sticks.

Average Weight: 0.8 oz

Average size of sticks: 4.5 inches x 1 inch

Palo Santo, is a tree that grows throughout Central and South America. Its fragrant wood is considered holy – the name Palo Santo even means “holy wood” in Spanish.

The wood is burned in ceremonial fashion to purify the energy of people and space. The generous and powerful Spirit of this plant provides protection and cleanses negativity while bringing clarity and blessings. 

Light one end of a stick, holding it in the flame for about 30 seconds. Shake the flame out and move the smudge through the aura, in space and around objects to clear energetic fields. 

Palo Santo belongs to the Burseraceae family, which includes Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal.

Palo Santo is traditionally used to provide relief from cold viruses, asthma, stress, headaches, anxiety, depression and emotional pain. This Essential Oil is can be diffused as aromatherapy or diluted for topical application and massage. It is calming for the nervous system and has been shown to speed recovery from illness. The essential oil reduces inflammation and physical pain. The high levels of D-Limonene and Monotropenes are considered helpful in the treatment of cancers.

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