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Pink Danburite Tumbled - 5.99

Regular price $5.99

Tumbled Pink Danburite from Mexico 

Average Weight: 0.24 oz 

Average Size: 1.5 x 3 cm

Danburite: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) angelic communication; channeling; higher dimensional communication; inter-dimensional travel; peace; freedom from stress; high, pure vibration; works heart energy; activates higher consciousness; links to angelic realms; accesses inner guidance; facilitates deep change, leaving the past behind; karmic cleanser; releases miasms; stimulates third eye, crown and higher crown; promotes lucid dreaming; placed by the bedside, this crystal can accompany the dying on their journey beyond death, allowing a conscious spiritual transition to take place; calms mind chatter for those who have busy lives; brings deep calm and optimistic outlook to those who are ill; soothes the emotional body and brings frequency of comfort and angelic rescue; helps one release grief, intense fear and anxiety, fear and resentment; clears allergies; has a strong detoxifying action; treats liver and gallbladder; aids weight gain.  Affirmation: “I expand my awareness to awaken within the higher worlds, and I call forth my angels to comfort and to guide me.”


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