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Pink Smithsonite - 79.98 - now 39.98

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Natural botryoidal Pink Smithsonite formation from South-West USA - deep pink colour

Size: 5.5 x 2.7 x 1.9 cm

Weight: 2.05 oz

Smithsonite: stone of tranquility, calm, kindness and favourable outcomes; excellent healer of parent-child issues; gentle buffer against life’s problems; perfect for relieving stress that is almost at breaking point and alleviating mental breakdown; ideal for anyone who has had a difficult childhood and who felt unloved or unwanted; heals the inner child and effects of abuse or misuse; gently dissolves emotional hurt – effects are noticed in feeling better rather than in traumatic emotional release (may need support of other crystals to bring things into conscious awareness); excellent crystal for birth and rebirth; treats infertility; enhances psychic ability; supports leadership qualities; aids difficult relationships; brings harmony and diplomacy, remedies unpleasant situations, brings secure and balanced life; excellent for the immune system, sinus, digestive disorders, osteoporosis and alcoholism

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