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Platonic Solids Sacred Geometry Set

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5 Clear Quartz Shapes in Wooden Box

Dimensions: Box (L: 22 x W: 3 x H: 4 cm); Crystal Pieces (1.5 cm)

Weight: 7.2 oz (Box and Crystals)

Source: India

The Platonic Solids: Everything in the Universe comes out the Flower of Life pattern, even the intangible, like thoughts, emotions and music. This image is found throughout history all over the world and it always has the same name everywhere that it is found. It is also visible in nature. The Flower of Life pattern goes on forever, but in images it always stops after 19 circles. Zona polucida (rings around a cell) crops the image. When the cropped circles are completed, they form The Fruit of Life, ne of the holiest, most sacred forms in existence. When we combine male lines with the female circles, it creates Metatron’s Cube, which contains the 5 unique shapes of the Universe known as The Platonic Solids.

The 5 Platonic Solid Shapes have the following characteristics by definition:

  • All faces are the same size – e.g. The cube has a square on all of it’s sides.
  • All edges are the same length
  • It only has one size of interior angles between the faces – e.g. All angles of a cube are 90 degrees
  • When placed inside of a sphere, all points touch the edge of the sphere perfectly

Each Shape Represents One of the 5 Elements:

  • Hexadron or Cube = Earth Element
  • Icosahedron = Water Element
  • Tetrahedron = Fire Element
  • Octahedron = Air Element
  • Dodecahedron = Ether, Prana or Tacheon Energy

Every element in the periodic table has a geometric relationship to the 5 shapes. Robert Moon (scientist) demonstrated that everything in the physical world is based on the 5 Platonic Solid shapes.

They create the qualities of the Universe and are the first informational system that comes out of the Fruit of Life.

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