Presili Bluestone Tumbled - 3.99
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Presili Bluestone Tumbled - 3.99

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Tumbled Presili Bluestone from Whales, UK

Shape, Size, and Color varies from crystal to crystal 

3.99 Each 

Average Size: 1- 1.5 cm

Preseli Bluestone Dolerite: The Bluestone is a Dolerite (e.g., the name is sometimes a bit confusing because this crystal is not always very blue, and quite a bit of the polished stone looks more green or greenish-grey in color. The stone is spotted Dolerite, which contains feldspar, with inclusions of Illmenite or Hematite, inter-grown with titanium oxides).

(Liz, Healing Crystals for You) Preseli Bluestone is the same stone that the ancient stone monoliths at Stonehenge are made from (nineteen large monoliths that form a sacred circle located in the Wiltshire countryside of the UK. The stone comes from the Preseli mountains in Wales. They are strong aids to enhance spirituality, as they connect to the mystical energy of Merlin and his magic. They have a primordial vibration with an ancient energy and can assist the development of psychic gifts such as dowsing and geomancy. Their vibration resonates strongly with the solar plexus chakra, stimulating willpower and inspiring courage. They can be used in meditation to travel back in time... and learn about past lives in ancient Celtic Britain and in ancient Egypt. (see article by same)

(Judy Hall) Found only in the Preseli Mountains in Whales, Presili Blue Stone is an ancient stone of dreaming and far memory that forms the inner ring at Stonehenge, moving out of time and space to access mulit-dimensions.  PBS opens a cosmic anchor that attaches at the core of the Earth to stabilize one through Earth changes, while aligning you to Galactic center so that you can flow energy of heaven and Earth.  It links to Merlin energy and one’s inner shaman.  Acts as a battery for earthing and grounding spiritual power – enhancing psychic ability and metaphysical gifts.  A visionary stone for all past-life exploration, especially Celtic heritage and Egyptian knowledge.  Excellent for soul retrieval when placed on soma or past-life chakras.  Perfect dreaming stone – quickly accesses answers and integrates spiritual information.  It’s best to work with small pieces only to avoid over-stimulation.  If you feel pressure or a headache develops during use, turn and face another direction or turn the stone – it can reset your internal or spiritual compass.  This directional quality means that PBS channels the Earth’s electromagnetic forces and facilitates travel along the telluric currents of the Earth’s grid, linking to Stonehenge, all other circles in the British Isles and other power centers around the planet.  It facilitates connection where these energies have been violated or broken, whether deliberately or accidentally.  If power is being drawn from a sacred site for inappropriate purposes, PBS breaks the connection and protects the energy of the site.  It is a stone of willpower and courage.  It gives enormous strength will learning lessons and understanding gifts.  It links the heart, thymus and throat chakras enabling one to speak their truth.  It clears the mind and creates a space for knowledge to arise intuitively.  It is an emotional stabilizer that helps one to leave old attachments and feelings behind so that one can live calmly in the present moment.  It supports kinesiology and pscychometry and has a strong connection with herbalism (especially plants that grow on mountains).  It can sedate excess and revilatize depletion as appropriate.  PBS enhances one’s ability to physically sense and attune to the energies of Crystals, the ley lines of the Earth and the meridians and acupressure points of the human body.  When walking the landscape, one is plugged in to all that has happened there, but without attachment.  It is a strongly directional stone – good for sacred space.


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