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Natural botryoidal dark purple Fluorite Crystal formation on glittery Granite matrix

Size: 8.5 x 6.1 or 3.3 cm


Purple Fluorite is a third-eye stone, bringing rationality to intuition and assisting precise communication of what is received; brings orderly connection and conscious association to both psychic and spiritual growth; assists disorders with bone marrow; balances body, bone and cellular structures; excellent stone for preparation of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for healing; psychic protection; protects from harmful thoughts, including one’s own negative self-talk

(Robert Simmons) is ideal for purification and access of the mind to the domains of Spirit.

(Naisha Ahsian) Purple Fluorite enhances mental faculties.

(Unknown) Metaphysical Properties- Aids ability to meditate, increases psychic development, brings spiritual peace and wholeness.  As we develop spiritually, we come to a place in our journey where we need to make a commitment; Fluorite will help you to decide if you are indeed ready to make this important commitment.  For some, purple fluorite will help them to begin channeling information that is crucial to further their spiritual development.  This stone is more than a ‘mental’ stone, it also radiates energy throughout the light body system. Physically, purple fluorite is helpful in promoting a state of health for the skin, bones and muscular system.

Numerology- Purple Fluorite vibrates to the master number 77. The master number 77 is about non-restriction and wholeness on all levels.

Fluorite is an emotionally stabilizing stone that promotes mental and spiritual discipline and self-control.  It draws off negative energy and stress of all kinds and protects from inharmonious EMF.  Fluorite restores order, overcomes disorganization and assists balance and coordination. It provides psychic protection and gently brings the subconscious to surface for resolution.  Fluorite is an excellent aid to focus, learning, memory and clear thinking. It is a stone of walking your talk and will help one make necessary change in habits, thoughts and lifestyle.  It regenerates skin and mucous membranes and rekindles sexual libido.  Fluorite comes in all colours.  Each colour has a different specialization and chakra association.

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