Rainbow Obsidian Pendant - 139.99
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Rainbow Obsidian Pendant - 139.99

Regular price $139.99
Rainbow Obsidian round cabochon set in silver moon-shaped setting.

Photo is taken in sunlight.  The chain is not included.

Weight: 0.44 oz

Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.6 cm

Rainbow Obsidian is a gentler form of Obsidian that helps one to recover from emotional wounds and the shadow parts of ourselves that have resulted from them. It is a great soul retrieval stone for forgotten, repressed, judged, disowned or vilified parts of the soul. It helps one to explore their darkness so that they can find their light. It can bring light to the heaviest of energies, memories and experiences and can be used for depression, emotional instability and blocked, congested energy. It is very helpful during stressful and painful situations or phases of one’s life. Naisha Ahsian says that it is a good stone for drawing repressed memories from the cellular level so that they do not turn into physical disease. It is a stone of optimism and self-trust.

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