Rhodochrosite Pendant - 71.99
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Rhodochrosite Pendant - 71.99

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Natural Rhodochrosite Pendant

Weight: 0.4 oz

Height: 3.4 cm 

Across: 1.6 cm 

Width: 0.9 cm

Rhodochrosite: Rhodochrosite is a stone of deep emotional healing that helps one to heal even the most traumatizing of emotional wounds.  It is a wonderful stone for those who have been left feeling unloved or unlovable after being abandoned, rejected or betrayed.  It is especially effective for healing the hurts of childhood and is one of the best stones for healing one’s inner child.  Rhodochrosite’s loving vibrations bring inner peace, self-forgiveness and release from shame and guilt.  It is the best stone I know of for healing emotional and sexual abuse from present and past-lives.  Rhodochrosite is also a relationship stone – the deep healing it brings opens the heart to new love and can even attract soul mates.  Rhodochrosite bridges the upper and lower chakras, repairs the auric field and assists the return of lost and forgotten soul parts - particularly one’s gifts and abilities.  Rhodochrosite is a stone of love and tenderness that can bring relief to asthma, respiratory problems, disorders of the sex organs, infections, skin and thyroid issues.


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