Rosophia and Moldavite Pendant - 224.99
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Rosophia and Moldavite Pendant - 224.99

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Size: 4.25 cm L x 1.75 cm W

Weight: 0.3

Rosophia Oval Cabuchon: 18 mm x 13 mm
Faceted Moldavite Trillions: 10 mm

Colour and shade of stone may slightly vary from what is shown in the photograph. The pendant is sold without chain.

Moldavite: Moldavite is the stone of transformation.  It is often called the Holy Grail of Stones.  It purifies and brings change on every level while aligning one with their life purpose.

Communication with Higher-self, Extraterrestrials, Ascended Masters; Accelerates Spiritual Growth, Raises Personal Vibration, Opens and Clears, Aligns Charkas, Eases Homesickness for Star Children, Takes you beyond your limits, Stone of Massive Transformation, Intense Frequency, Activates Entire Chakra System, Can create Healing Crisis for Learning and Movement to Next Phase of Growth.

Rosophia: (Robert Simmons) The Love of Sophia; Awakening of Heart Awareness; Co-creating with the Divine; Alchemical Transmutation of Self and World. The name Rosophia is derived from the phrase ‘Rose of Sophia’ meaning ‘Heart of Wisdom.’ Rosophia brings sweet, swirling currents pleasantly circulating in and around the heart. The currents are both strong and gentle, nourishing and inspiring, healing and even playful – as if a many-petaled rose were opening in one’s heart. Rosophia is first and foremost a stone of the heart. Its currents quickly and deeply move into the and throughout the chest, in and around one’s heart, bringing sensations of soothing, calming, loving caresses. Through this stone it feels as though one is being touched with the loving invisible hands of the Divine Feminine, the intimate one who is vast enough to fill the world and even the cosmos, and at the same time is fully aware of and cares for each human being. There is a feeling quality engendered by these stones that can only be described as a delicate yet powerful sweetness. They bring an inner feeling of beauty, a serene sense of centeredness within the heart, a gentle appreciation of each perception and all the being who make up the world. Holding Rosophia, one softens inwardly with no loss of strength. One sees more truly because the veils of stress and anxiety are lifted. Compassion is enhanced because fears have been quieted. The heart centering engendered by Rosophia encourages one’s capacity to meet each moment fresh and free, ready to respond with clarity and creativity. For self-healing it is recommended for almost everything, since it is, in essence a stone that draws one into wholeness. It helps one to calm the emotional body, release stress and dissolve repetitive negative patterns on all levels. It is restorative to the heart as an organ of the body and a center of consciousness. For diseases rooted in negative self-image or a fearful attitude toward the world, Rosophia can be a powerful medicine. The self-affirming qualities of this stone make it a powerful ally in dealing with maladies in which the body turns against itself, as in autoimmune conditions. It feels to me like a stone that can work spiritually to aid in circulation of the blood and perhaps the lymphatic system. Psycho-spiritually, Rosophia can facilitate the remediation of problems stemming from feelings of low self-worth, fear of the future, mistrust of other people and all kinds of stress-related difficulties. This lovely stone aids in liberating one from negative patterns created by old wounds in this life or past-lives, and it helps with recall of repressed material, if necessary, in order to release it. It can facilitate insight into the unconscious patterns that lead to similar problems again and again. It encourages a stronger sense of self, based in the heart’s truth rather than in egoic pride. It can help one to awaken to the consciousness present within one’s heart. This is its greatest potential gift, because when we meet the self, the “I” residing in our heart, we enter the realm of our wholeness and we have at last found our true home. We realise that our truest self is this heart-dweller, rather than the one we thought we were, and that this heart-dweller knows us in every detail and loves us without any judgement. There is a resonance between the Rosphia Stone and this deeper “I.” Through deepening our relationship with the true Self, we simultaneously reach further into conscious, loving, co-creative partnership with Her. This is our truest destiny and each step on that path is an entry into joy. Rosophia allows us to touch and be touched by Her.

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