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Ruby in Zoisite Ring - 99.99

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Almost solid Ruby! Large square shape Ruby in Zoisite cabochon in sterling silver setting with wide sterling silver band

There's only a little Zoisite in this piece.  It's almost pure ruby, just enough Zoisite to get the frequency. The inner luminescence in the stone seems to radiate a Spirit thumbprint.

Ring Size: 8

Dimensions: 2.2 x 2.1 cm

Weight: 0.54 oz

Ruby: (Naisha Ahsian) hexagonal crystal ranging in colour from pale pink to deep blood red; the crystal of life-force energy; excellent stone for invigoration, passion for life, motivation; symbol of love and virility; stimulates heart chakra; encourages following your bliss; shields against psychic attack; stimulates pineal gland; stone of abundance and retaining wealth and passion; dynamic leadership, positive state of mind; sharpens awareness, concentration; attracts sexual activity; detoxifies blood and lymph, beneficial for heart and circulatory system, adrenals, reproductive organs; signals a time of connecting with the forces of ritual and magic; bridges elements of Earth and Fire; stone of  the first or root chakra; stimulates rise of Kundalini energy up the spine, clearing blockages, replenishing energy and connecting with the life-force in all things; the energy of ruby can be channelled to current projects or situations to create magical transformations in your life (using it to manipulate or attach to others will backfire): Affirmation:” I allow the Life force within me to rise and strengthen my body and mind.”

Ruby in Zoisite: Ruby in Zoisite activates the crown chakra and facilitates altered states of consciousness where one can access soul memory and spiritual learning.  It can be extremely helpful in soul healing and past-life work.  It teaches one how to retain individuality while retaining interconnectedness with rest of humanity.  Ruby in Zoisite is known to powerfully amplify the bio-magnetic field around the body.  It can help recovery from severe illness or stress.  It’s a detoxifier of physical body.  It neutralizes over-acidity, heals disease of the ovaries and testicles, increases potency.  In general Ruby in Zoisite is a slow acting stone that transmutes negative energy.

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