Sedona Stone
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Sedona Stone

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Approx. Size: 15cm L (at base) x 21cm H x 6.5cm W

Weight: 61.6 oz (3.9lbs)

Please note that the colour may slightly vary from what is shown in the photograph.

Sedona Stone: (Judy Hall) The red rock of Sedona is pure Crystalized energy. Sedona is a powerful cluster of multi-dimensional vortexes where spiritual energy is fiercely concentrated and the stone links you into that energy from afar. It enhances metaphysical abilities, especially if placed over the soma chakra, and powers journeying and sacred ceremonies. The vortex also takes you deep within yourself to explore your inner dimensions. Sedona Stone heightens your sense of physical and spiritual well-being as it downloads energy stored in the stone to effect multi-dimensional healing. Place, hold, meditate or grid with Sedona stone as appropriate.

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