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Selenite Candle Holder - 23.99

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Natural Selenite candle holder from Morocco; the top is flat and polished. The hole is tea light size.

Average Size: 9 x 9 cm or 3.5 inches

Selenite: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) is a variety of gypsum, a very soft mineral that is warm to the touch.  The name Selenite comes from the Greek work meaning “moon”. Selenite intensely energizes and opens crown chakra and higher dimensional chakras to the 12th. Selenite lifts one’s awareness to higher planes of inner experience making it possible for one to consciously meet with one’s Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. Selenite unlocks doorway to Etheric chakras so that the Higher Self can establish itself by grounding the Light Body. Selenite instils deep peace and is an excellent stone for meditation and anxiety.  Selenite effectively cleanses the auric field of negativity and is excellent for use in protective grids and wand work. Selenite reaches into past-lives, accessing present life plan and progress made, work to do. Selenite clears confusion and is a stabilizer for erratic emotions. Selenite aligns the spinal column, promotes flexibility and neutralizes mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings and free radicals. Selenite is an excellent stone for breast-feeding. Selenite wands make excellent tools for healing or talking sticks; they can provide a boost of power to those feeling fatigued or stressed. Selenite is an excellent aid to purification and all types of energetic cleansing. It clears etheric blockages and debris allowing a freer flow of energy through the higher chakras. Selenite stimulates the emotional body and compels one to move forward with one’s life; it aids in overcoming stagnation and prevents one from succumbing to the illusions of security and comfort. Selenite helps one access knowledge of their spiritual origins and speaks to us of response-ability to our purpose, indicting that it is time to take response-ability and apply it to the awareness you are now beginning to embody. Selenite creates a resonance of renewed connection with the Divine in every moment through creations, body, speech and emotions. Selenite signals a renewed connection to Higher Self and the necessity to move Divine energy through the vehicle of your physical body. Selenite indicates that it is time to develop the physical body you inhabit so that it can carry higher frequencies of energy to the Earth plane.  You may need to change your diet, exercise habits or lifestyle choices that affect your ability to carry high frequency energy in your physical being.  Listen to promptings from your Higher Self that will lead you to beneficial changes to be made at this time. Selenite aids one in overcoming stagnation and prevents one from succumbing to the illusions of security and comfort. Selenite works well synergistically with almost any other stone. Selenite dissolves in water.  Affirmation: “I move into union with my Higher Self and my interior senses are awakened.” 

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