Septarian - 9.99
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Septarian - 9.99

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Septarian Tumbled


Average Weight: 1.5 oz 

Average Size: 1 1/2 inches

Origin: Madagascar 

Copyright © 2009 Karen Osborne - Septarian is the ultimate boundary stone, teaching one to define one’s self in a healthy way without creating barriers; instils confidence and trust in one’s self; allows one to be open and defined; helps one to know who they and to embrace their inner power and greatness; encourages and cultivates qualities of confidence and leadership; greatly assists being understood by other people; brings understanding of the “one that is all” while appreciating and developing one’s unique qualities and gifts; good for group efforts; grounding stone; brings vitality; enhances creativity; helps one release the need to control other people and their environment; excellent aid for detox programs of any kind.

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