Septarian - 14.99
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Septarian - 14.99

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Nicely polished Septarian stone from Madagascar

Size: 3.2 x 3.3 x 2.1 cm

Weight: 1.15 oz

Septarian: Geological history: Septarian started out as a mud ball formed from sea life in the oceans that became trapped in sediment following 2 volcanic eruptions.  The ocean deposited more shell life on top.  As the shells decomposed calcite was carried down into the cracks of the mud balls, which formed crystals.  Thin walls of the calcite were transformed into aragonite. The aragonite dividing walls inspired the name for the stone as the word septum in Latin means “dividing wall.”  The grey color (the mud) is bentonite clay; the brown-red color is aragonite, and the yellow colour is gold calcite.

(Judy Hall) Septarian brings together the qualities of Calcite, Aragonite and Chalcedony.  It encourages taking care of the Earth – the grey concretions connect to Devic energy.  This stone focuses the healing vibrations of drumming and chanting circles and can be used to enhance the cohesiveness of any spiritual group.  Septarian is useful for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as it assists in re-patterning and reprogramming and directs the practitioner to the most appropriate tools.  Spiritually, Septarian harmonizes the emotions and intellect with the higher mind to bring illumination.  Mentally it provides joyous support while you incubate ideas and assists in manifesting them.  It enhances patience, tolerance and endurance.  Septarian is also a useful support for public speaking as it makes each individual in the audience feel that they are being personally addressed.  Septarian also enhances one’s ability to communicate within a group.  Emotionally nourishing and calming, Septarian is useful for self-nurturing and caring for others.  Healers can meditate with Septarian to find insight into the cause of dis-ease.  This stone is extremely flexible for focusing the body’s healing ability and facilitates flexibility of physical movement.  Physically Septarian rebalances blockages in the body.  It is beneficial for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), self-healing, skin disorders, cellular memory and metabolism.  It reduces swelling and growths.  It supports intestines, blood, kidneys and heart.

Copyright © 2009 Karen Osborne - Septarian is the ultimate boundary stone, teaching one to define one’s self in a healthy way without creating barriers; instils confidence and trust in one’s self; allows one to be open and defined; helps one to know who they and to embrace their inner power and greatness; encourages and cultivates qualities of confidence and leadership; greatly assists being understood by other people; brings understanding of the “one that is all” while appreciating and developing one’s unique qualities and gifts; good for group efforts; grounding stone; brings vitality; enhances creativity; helps one release the need to control other people and their environment; excellent aid for detox programs of any kind.

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