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Shaman Quartz or Dream Quartz

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Shaman Quartz or Dream Quartz with Mineral Inclusions

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Shaman or Dream Quartz: Shaman or Dream Quartz is Clear Quartz with beautiful colored mineral inclusions within. It is often polished to create a lens effect so that one can see deep into the Crystal’s internal space. Shaman Quartz expands and raises consciousness providing access to higher dimensions. It opens and stimulates all chakras, especially the crown chakra. SDQ provides access to inner worlds and meditative states of consciousness where one can find answers and receive guidance, especially during one’s dream time. SDQ is also said to provide protection from nightmares and night terrors and to improve dream recall. SDQ is an ascension stone that opens up one’s consciousness to higher dimensions. It can provide great insight into issues affecting one’s life. It is also said to aid visualization and manifestation of the life one dreams to live. It hushes negative thoughts and encourages a positive outlook. It is also a great stone for journeying to meet your power animal or to see and heal past-lives. SDQ teaches one to treat themselves with love and kindness.