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Smoky Elestial Quartz - 19.97

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Natural Smoky Quartz Elestial Crystal or Jacare from Brazil

Size: 3.2 x 2.4 x 2 cm

Weight: 0.50 oz

Elestial Quartz: Elestial crystals are characterized by many natural terminations and folds that have formed over a multi-layered or etched crystal.  They have a skeletal or broken look although there are no actual broken or dulled faces. They contain choirs of angels and work to download cosmic love to those in their presence.  Their inner layers and dimensions often look and, energetically, feel like water.  Larger Elestials are often enhydros crystals. This affinity with water makes them powerful emotional healers.  They help to lift the heaviest of emotional burdens and to work through layers of emotional issues and past lives.  They can provide great insight into one’s spiritual self and take to you into past lives to understand your karmic truth and the roots of patterns and their function on the soul’s path.  Smoky Elestials ground the higher vibrations into the physical realm and are highly protective and spiritually cleansing.  Smokey Elestials use celestial fire to burn away karmic patterns and initiate spiritual purification – they are VERY powerful and must be used with respect.  Elestials can be used for one’s entire lifetime without ever outgrowing the energy.  They are libraries containing everything from Spiritual 101 to the Lessons for Masters.  Robert Simmons describes having an Elestial Crystal in one’s environment to be like having a radio tuned to the Higher Self channel. Elestials can also make excellent skeletal healers (bone breaks, surgeries, bone cancer, osteoporosis).

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