Strawberry Quartz or Red Fire Quartz - Oval Cabochon - 44.99
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Strawberry Quartz or Red Fire Quartz - Oval Cabochon - 44.99

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Size: 2.3 cm x 1.7 cm W x 0.7 cm D

Weight: 0.19 oz

Colour and shade of stone may slightly vary than what is shown in the photograph.

Strawberry Quartz: Strawberry Quartz is a rarer type of Quartz that contains iron oxide inclusions. These inclusions are typically red hues, hence the name ‘Strawberry’. Strawberry Quartz is sometimes called Red Fire Quartz. The inclusions appear as needles, flakes and spangles in beautiful and unique formations. The composition of the iron oxide inclusions also varies and can include any or all four of the following chemically related iron oxides: lepidocrocite (FeO(OH)), goethite (also FeO(OH) but with a different crystal structure), limonite (FeO(OH)*nH2O) and hematite (Fe2O3).

Metaphysically, Strawberry Quartz is known as a stone of universal love and understanding. It can be motivating and stimulating, or soothing and calming, as needed. Strawberry Quartz is said to induce states of euphoria, love, gratitude and generosity that spread to the other people in one’s life. It’s a stone of living in the moment, the fire of creation and seizing opportunity. Strawberry Stone can help to attract a soul-mate if one desires and attract the life experiences one needs to truly blossom and grow.

Melody (Love is in the Earth): Using SQ as an elixir is highly recommended. It balances the connection between the physical body and the subtle bodies. SQ stimulates the astral body and psychic system. It assists one’s experience of the centre of the Universe and the euphoria of a true loving environment; helps one connect with other planetary forms and the “reason behind it all.” SQ can help provide relevant data for reasons why one has chosen this reality; was used in Lemuria and Atlantis for healing ceremonies to stimulate the recall of “the beginning.” It was held by the high council (the most spiritually developed of the realm). This stone will be available to those who are both ready to experience the energy and willing to embrace the transformation. It is said to be a stone that connects those who created the planet to the original blueprints for creation.

Clear Quartz:
Master Stone, Powerful Healer, Energy Amplifier, Strengthens Aura, Purifies, Clarifies, Divinity

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