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Stromatolite Pendant - 17.99

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Flat rounded rectangular shaped Stromatolite pendant - top drilled to wear with cord - also good for laying on the body, holding or pocketing

Size: 3.4 x 2.1 x 0.5 cm

Weight: 0.32 oz

Stromatolite: Like other fossil stones, assists one in being open to new ideas and change.  They are also used to help in having common sense and as an aid to business.  They help to develop ‘business sense.’ The fascinating patterns and layers in this stone were produced as calcium carbonate saturates and evaporates over a growing mat of bacteria. They are excellent aids to balancing conditions created by allergens or bacteria. These fossils are found in limestone or dolomite. They are among the world’s most ancient fossils, dating back approx. 2.3- 2.5 billion years.   This layering process still occurs today. In Australia, Shark Bay is a well-known spot with Stromatolite layers found along its beaches. In Crystal Healing fossils have been used to aid with diseases and ailments of the skeletal system, hands and feet.

Stromatolites: (spiritofisis) Stromatolites were rock-like buildups of microbial cyanobacteria mats that formed in limestone and were the predominant form of life on early earth for more than 2 billion years. Stromatolites were responsible for the creation of earth's atmospheric oxygen, consuming CO2 and releasing O2 through their photosynthetic metabolism.  During Precambrian times, bacterial mats formed a platform for trapping and cementation of sediment. For photosynthetic bacteria, depletion of carbon dioxide in the surrounding water could cause precipitation of calcium carbonate that along with grains of sediment were then trapped within the sticky layers of mucilage surrounding the bacterial colonies. Banded iron formations are another form of Stromatolite forming globally distributed chemical sediment deposits that consist primarily of Fe bearing minerals (iron oxides) and silica. Stromatolite is a stone of transformation assisting healing at an emotional level. Stromatolite gently removes blockages within the meridians and chakra. Stromatolite is a good meditation aid assisting with past life recall. Stromatolite teaches the purpose of life on Earth and our part in it.  Stromatolite can be used to help in the treatment of degenerative bone disease.

(sagegoddess) When you gaze into a stromatolite, you are receiving wisdom from one of the oldest fossils on Earth. They are billions of years old, containing within them the energy of the ancient, primordial world – the world before most of the plant, animal, and human life we know today existed. Each one is a unique specimen, formed by beautiful concentric layers of fossilized cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green algae) in rock sediment. These microorganisms are some of the oldest records of life on this planet – the original building blocks of all other life on Earth - so ancient, so magical, and so powerful. And in this sphere form, primordial frequencies will diffuse throughout your space whenever you call upon them.  Stromatolites summon the energies of acceptance, helping you to understand life lessons and live your life with an open mind and heart, allowing new possibilities to emerge. They resonate most with the root and heart chakra energy centers to allow for increased flow between them.

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