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Sulphur Phantom Isis Pendant - 9.99

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Natural Quartz Isis Crystal point with Sulphur phantom; bale is not silver

Size: 3 x 1.1 cm or 1.2 x 0.4 inches (not including bale)

Isis Crystals: Isis crystals are characterized by a five-sided face, which represents the physical world, opposing polarities, wholeness, and unity.  The sacred pentagon also represents the Goddess archetype.  Isis crystals embody the female creative power of the Goddess and Great Mother and are strongly linked to the Egyptian Goddesses, Isis and Hathor. Isis crystals help one to connect to the nurturing and creative energy of the Goddess to give birth to one’s dreams through action.  They restore inner strength and balance to support healing of the emotional body for men and women. The number five relates to the physical body - five toes, five fingers, five physical senses - and Earth plane reality.  They help channel Source energy into the physical body for expression on Earth. Isis crystals can be placed on altars, used as meditation aids and healing instruments.  They can be worn or carried to overcome pain and burdens inherent in life.  Isis crystals support retreat, courage, sanctuary, determination, change and opening to the magic of life.  They help to heal a broken heart from the loss of a loved through break-up or death.  Isis crystals balance polarities. They are particularly powerful healers of the emotional body.

Sulphur: (Judy Hall) Sulphur has a negative electrical charge and is extremely useful for absorbing energies, emanations and emotions.  Placed in the environment, it absorbs negativity of any kind and removes barriers to progress.  Volcanically produced, this is an excellent stone for anything that erupts: feelings, violence, skin condition, and fevers.  It can also be useful for bring latent psychic abilities to the surface.  Psychologically, Sulphur ameliorates willfulness and aids in identifying negative traits within the personality.  It reaches the rebellious, stubborn, or obstreperous part of a personality that willfully disobeys instructions and tends automatically to do the opposite of whatever is suggested, especially when this is “for your own good.”  Sulphur softens this position and assists the recognition of the effect, opening the way to conscious change.  Mentally, Sulphur blocks repetitive and distracting thought patterns, inspiring the imagination, it aids reasoning and grounds thought processes in the practical here and now.  Physically, Sulphur is helpful in reenergizing after exhaustion or serious illness and can enhance creativity.  Sulphur is toxic and should not be taken internally.  The gem elixir is made by indirect method only.  Sulphur is extremely effective for conditions that flare up, such as infections and fevers.  Placed over the site of the swelling, it reduces fibrous and tissue growths. Sulphur alleviates swellings and joint problems.

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