Turritella Agate Tumbled - 0.99
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Turritella Agate Tumbled - 0.99

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Average size: 0.5" to 1"

Shape, size, colur and patterns vary from stone to stone.

Turritella Agate: Turritella Agate contains fossils of snails and sea creatures that form rich patterns within the stone. It is a good ego busting stone and can be used to heal self-importance, ego and pomposity and even superiority complex. One of it’s most amazing properties is it’s ability to protect one by teaching that safety results from “letting go of the idea of attack”. It’s an excellent stone to help one release and let go during times of transition and change. It is said to give one the will to survive and to win. Turritella Agate is also known to open communication to the plant and mineral realms and is considered an Earth healer. Turritella is considered a general all round healer, relieving fatigue, soothing the stomach, stimulates intestines and aiding absorption of vitamins and minerals.

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