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Watermelon Tourmaline Clear Quartz Bracelet - 29.99

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7 mm Watermelon Tourmaline beads with Clear Quartz nuggets

Size: 8 cm centerline

Weight: 1.38 oz

Watermelon Tourmaline: watermelon tourmaline is the name given to crystals with pink to violet centers with green rinds around the outside; it is a combination of pink and green tourmaline that balances the energies of each; they are among the most sought after stones for working with the energies of the heart; it awakens the energy of the ‘higher heart’ which is also known as the seat of the soul; it teaches the meaning of joy – that unbound happiness is not caused by any external circumstances but is actually the natural condition of being –when one is attuned to the natural frequency of joy, there is a resulting harmonization of all aspects of oneself; soothes and clears the heart chakra and the physical heart; it is powerful support for those with heart conditions stemming from excessive stress; it’s energy is calming and quickly counters anger or resentment; calms the mind and emotions; assists with meditation; releases the stress of the day and helps one enter into deep states of heart-centred awareness; a wonderful stone for shifting one’s consciousness from the brain to the heart; calms hysterics and dramatics; ideal for hyperactive children, drama addicts and those who need to be quiet and find their centers; useful for helping to heal problems with the physical heart; it’s high lithium content makes it a mood elevator; helps MS; brings wholeness.  Affirmation: “I am at one with the serenity and joy of being.”

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