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White Agate Pendant - 9.99

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Large White flat drop shaped White Agate pendant with pin bale and 5 mm Moss Agate bead

Average Size: 5.5 x 4 x 0.7 cm

Average Weight: 1.12 oz

White Agate: (Karen Osborne) White Agate restores the self-concept of one’s own purity. It helps release patterns of victimization and has a very stabilizing effect on all levels. White Agate can help relieve the sense of urgency some feel regarding their spiritual progress and life purpose. It can help one relax into the Divine plan and stop pushing so hard. White Agate brings realization that we all develp at our own pace and reinforces the common sense to honor that in ourselves and others. White Agate activates, stabilizes and calibrates crown chakra in a gentle and slow manner that allows time for processing and integration.  It’s a very good stone for alleviating guilt and freeing one to accept and perceive their own beauty at the soul level.

Moss Agate: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) stabilizing stone, strongly connected to nature, the Earth and the devic realms – stimulates contact with elementals and nature spirits; extremely grounding and balancing influence; helps transmute unwholesome tendencies of any kind, even those of a karmic, past-life nature; brings support for overcoming addiction and healing the shadow parts of ones’ self; brings peace and stability to the emotional body – great help to those who experience mood swings and those who may have become addicted to drama; stabilizing influence for all systems of the physical body, bringing circulation, digestion, neural activity and functioning of visceral organs ; refreshes soul; reduces sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants; birthing crystal, assists midwives; stone of new beginnings; attracts abundance; balances intuition/ practicality; improves self-esteem; releases deep seated fear and stress; stone that is beneficial to everyone; modest, stabilizing Earth energies; excellent for those convalescing after an illness; brings slow, steady results; can be used to increase the effectiveness of physical workouts and bodybuilding; good for flow of lymph, immune system; elixir treats fungal and skin infections.  Affirmation: “I am balanced, stable, healthy and whole at home and one the Earth.

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