Wonderstone Tumbled - 1.99
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Wonderstone Tumbled - 1.99

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Tumbled Wonderstone Jasper from Utah

Average Size: 2 cm - 3 cm

Wonderstone: Wonderstone is a type of Jasper that is characterized by wave-like bands of maroon, brown, pink, yellow and tan on a light greyish matrix.  It is known as a stone of potential.  It enhances creativity and imagination, brings mental clarity and an optimistic perspective.  It is also known for its ability to restore balance on all levels of being.  It is an excellent stone for balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of oneself and is an excellent stone for anxiety, depression and relieving stress, tension and worry.  Wonderstone brings relaxation and peace and is a good aid for achieving meditative states.  It can help bring insights regarding life purpose and next steps in this life.  It’s a wonderful stone for learning complete acceptance of self and for integrating healing.  It strengthens psychic abilities, especially channeling, astral travel, mediumship and working with animal totems.  Considered a stone of physical strength and regeneration, Wonderstone is used to fight infections, (especially from animal and insect bites) and to sooth skin irritations in general.  Wonderstone support the body’s immune system, brings physical vitality and increases muscle tone. It can ease back and abdominal pain and regulate the nervous system and hormone production, especially when combined with Labradorite.  Wonderstone works to cleanse the liver and bring relief to the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and sciatica.  Wonderstone helps unlock ideas, thoughts, and concepts that will help you stay productive, original, and one step ahead of the competition.  It can motivate positive changes to achieve financial freedom. It helps one to stay positive and determined when earnings and job opportunities are low.  It can generate ideas for new streams of income, fulfilling your goals and making your dreams a reality.  Wonderstone is a great stone for worriers, bringing mental and emotional calm to those who focus on what could go wrong.  Wonderstone reduces anxiety while prompting one to take positive action and face problems head-on. It insists on self-respect!


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