Yellow Obsidian - 1.99
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Yellow Obsidian - 1.99

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Clear yellow coloured human-made volcanic glass.

Average Size: 2.5 x 2 x 2 cm

Average Weight: 0.62 oz

Yellow Obsidian: Yellow Obsidian is a man-made stone intended to mimic natural Obsidian, which is created by geological volcanism when molten rock material cools.  It is considered to be a stone of abundance, motivation, and kindness.  It has been used to communicate with animals, to connect with power animals or animal totems, and is said to be an effective animal healer.  Yellow Obsidian is a calming and nurturing stone that helps build children build self-confidence.  It can be carried by children, or anyone who is feeling bullied or victimized, for energetic protector and self-esteem enhancement.  It is also calming, centering and protective to healers, protecting them during energy work with clients.  It readily absorbs negative energies, especially those associated with control and exploitation.  Yellow Obsidian can one to be sensible and ‘keep their head’ when in romantic relationships.

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