Agate - 29.99
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Agate - 29.99

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Cross Section of beautiful Grey Agate - one side is polished and the rest is left natural

Weight: 11 oz

Height: 4.7 cm 

Length: 8.5 

Agate: Self-Acceptance, Stability, Gentleness, Comfort and Nurturing (Karen Osborne) The Stone of self acceptance, the hug that never ends ... Agate holds one in a stabilized state of balance and security; it's like being held by someone who will never let you down, never drop you, always support you; agates are gentle peaceful friends that bring support to any endeavor; they gradually build confidence and strengthen positive self-concepts; they strengthen frequencies of dependability and responsibility in one’s life both externally and internally; agates are a slow steady aid to building up one’s immune system and developing healthy self care, especially healthy eating habits and enjoyable exercise. Copyright © Karen Osborne

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