Crystal Properties Directory: T-Z

Tangerine Quartz: Activates Second Chakra, Stimulates Creative and Sexual Energies, Spiritual Growth, Zest, Meditation, Joy, Inner Child, Playfulness, Curiosity, Releases Fear of Appearing ‘Stupid’, Passion on All Levels, Excellent stone for Artists of all kinds, Heals Negative Sexual Experiences/Shock/Trauma, Energizes, Soul Lessons, Moving Beyond Limited Belief Systems, Stimulates Sluggish Adrenals

Tanzanite (Lavender-Blue Zoisite): Synchronization of Mind and ThirdEye with the Heart, Calm, Enlightened Compassion, Higher Consciousness, Speaking the Heart’s Truth, Excellent stone for Counselors, Insight into Emotional Issues, Calms Over-active Mind, Aids Overactive Thyroid or Exhausted Adrenals

Tanzan Aura: Indigo/Violet Ray, Development Latent Psychic Abilities, Conscious Connection to Spirit, Potent Aid for Intuitives/ Mediums/Shamans/Readers/Chanellers/Healers, Stimulates Soul Star/Crown and Third Eye Chakras, Soul Connection, Communication with Higher Self/Spirit Guides/Angels/Deceased Humans/ET’s, Access of Akashic Records, Brings ‘aha’ Moments, Thinking Outside the Box, Journeying, Healing Emotions and Karma, Supports Brain Function 

Tiger Eye - Gold: Balancing Masculine/Feminine and Right/Left Brain, Harmonization, Nurturing, Solar Energy, Earth Energy, Grounding, Revitalization, Giving and Receiving, Balancing Work & Play, Balancing Intellect with Intuition, Goal Accomplishment, Responsibility, Equity and Fairness, Good stone for Business Endeavors, Commitment, Stimulates Kundalini, Balances Want with Need, Conflict Resolution, Recognition of Talents and Faults, Helps Repair Bones

Tiger’s Eye - Blue: Calming, Releases Stress, Helps those who are Over Anxious/Quick Tempered or Phobic, Slows Metabolism, Cooling and Soothing; Helps Balance Over-active Sex Drive and Neutralize Sexual Frustration

Tiger’s Eye - Red: Stimulating, Overcomes Lethargy, Motivation, Life Force Energy, Raises Kundalini, Increases Vitality, Inspires Creativity, Speeds up Slow Metabolism, Increases Low Sex Drive

Tiger Iron (combination ofJasper, Hematite and Tiger’s Eye): Vitality, Coping with Change, Healing Exhaustion/Mental Burnout/Family Stress, Pragmatic/Simple Solutions, Strengthens Aura, Calming Emotions, Grounding, Balancing Red and White Blood Cells, Toxin Elimination, Heals Hips/Lower Limbs/Feet/Muscle Cramps, Assimilation of B Vitamins, Produces Natural Steroids

 Titanium Quartz or Rainbow Aura: Increased Life Force and Vitality; Activation Rainbow Body, Humour Relaxation, Enjoyment of Life, Zest, Strength, Mental Acuity, Physical Power, Energizing to All Systems, Grounded, Centred, Energized, Balances Responsibility with Burden, Sense of Humour, Fun, Great Aid for Low Energy/Burnout

Topaz - Golden: Clarification of Manifestation/Personal Intention/Will & Desires, Enhances Creativity, Clears Blockage to Manifestation, Creates Abundance, Joy, Acceptance & Understanding of Divine Will, Gold-Pink Ray of Christ Consciousness, Boundaries, Recognition of Abilities, Attracts Helpful People, Bestows Charisma and Self-confidence, Overcomes Limitations, Strengthens Solar Plexus, Aids Nervous Exhaustion, Treats Gallbladder/Endocrine Glands/Kidneys/Urinary Imbalances

Topaz - Blue: Mental Processing and Verbal Skills, Improves Attention Span and Ability to Concentrate on Mental Tasks, Assists Making Clear Discriminations about what one doesn’t want in one’s life, Clear and Activate Throat Chakra, Magnifies Psychic Abilities, Attunes to Inner Guidance, Opens Third Eye, Expression of Emotional Needs & Highest Truth, Calms Mind, Aids Meditation; Communication with Higher Beings, Calms Emotional Body, Heals Sore Throats/Migraine Headaches/Speech Impediments/Fear of Public Speaking/Hyperactive Thyroid/General Health of Neck and Throat

Watermelon Tourmaline: Awakens Heart/Seat of the Soul, Teaches Meaning of Joy, Serenity, Harmonization of All Aspects of Self, Sooths and Clears Heart Chakra, Heals Physical Heart, Helps Conditions caused by Excessive Stress, Calms Mind and Emotions, Counters Anger or Resentment, Assists Meditation, Shifts Consciousness from Brain to Heart, Calms Hysterics and Dramatics, Good for Hyperactive Children and Drama Addicts, Elevates Mood, Aids MS, Brings Wholeness

Turquoise: Wholeness, Communication, Spiritual Expansion, Generosity, Sincerity, Affection, Stone of Friendship, Releases Old Vows and Inhibitions, Exploration of Past-lives, Living in the Moment, Protection from Negative Energies and EMF, Unites Earth and Sky, Calms Nerves, Aids Public Speaking, Inner Calm, Alertness, Creative Expression, Overcomes Martyrdom and Self-sabotage, Recovery from Exhaustion, Regenerates Tissues, Supports Assimilation of Nutrients, Strengthens Physical and Psychic Immune Systems, Anti-inflammatory, Detoxifier, Heals Entire Body, especially the Eyes, Alleviates Cramps and Pain

Unakite Jasper: Vision, Balances Emotions with Spirituality; Aids Visualization and Psychic Vision; Brings Calm Gentle Energy to Rooms, Facilitates Re-birthing, Past-life Healing, Reaches Root Cause for Gentle Transformation, Supportive in Convalescence and Recovery from Major Illness, Aids healthy pregnancy

Vanadanite: Accepting Physicality, Being Comfortable in the Body, Grounds Soul into Body, Quiets Mind, Physic Visioning, Journeying, Life Force Energy, Inner Guidance, Curbs Overspending, Retains Wealth, Helps Asthma and Congested Lungs, Aids Breath Work, Treats Chronic Exhaustion and Bladder Problems

Vesuvianite (or Idocrase): Unites Heart and Will, Courage to Change, Releases Negative Attachments/Fears & Limiting Beliefs, Wholeness, Freedom, Banishes Depression, Courage to Change Jobs/Relationships/Habits/Thoughts and Emotions, Heart’s True Yearnings, Forward Spiritual Development, Develops Assertiveness, Overcomes Fear of Confrontation, Fulfilling Path of Service, Strengthens Legs, Feet and All Types of Tissues in Body, Counters Spider Veins

Wulfenite: Earth Attunement, Personal Development, Artistic Creation, Alchemy, Ambitious Projects, Originality, Sexual Energies, New Adventures, Goal Achievement, Freedom from Hesitancy/Fear/Defeating Attitudes/Pessimism and Procrastination, Inner Strength, Will Power, Determination, Willingness to Begin, Stimulates Metabolism, Enhances Sexual Function, Promotes Physical Activity

Zincite: Energy, Vitality, Life Force, Courage, Passion, Creativity, Will Power, Sexuality, Pushing Projects Forward, Powerful Clearer of Blockages, Breaks through Limitations/Feelings of Disempowerment/Inability to Change, Stimulates Reproductive & Endocrine System, Enhances Fertility and Interest in Sex

Zoisite: Growth, Enjoying the moment, Surrender to Divine Will, Learning Lessons, Integrating Teachings, Living Life to the Fullest.

Ruby in Zoisite: Brings Fertility to All Aspects of Life, Opens Heart Chakra, Transmutes Negativity, Overcomes Destructive Urges, Brings Repressed Feelings to the Surface, Creativity, Aids Recovery from Severe Illness or Stress, Heals Experience of Terminal Disease and Aids Transition of Death, Detoxifies, Neutralizes Over-acidification, Reduces Inflammation, Strengthens Immune System/Heart/Pancreas/Lungs