Original Sight - General Information



Children Tap Into Unrealized Human Potential

I developed the Original Sight Program to teach people how to navigate human consciousness and explore it's potential. Learning to see blindfolded is only the beginning. With the right training, both children and adults can use blindfolded sight a a gateway to expand their consciousness beyond physical perception to access gifts and abilities that seem impossible or perhaps only achieved by the 'super psychic'.

Original Sight Benefits Children

  • The most noticeable and immediate benefit is that children become happier, more self-confident and peaceful.
  • Self-worth and self-confidence increases, and attitude becomes more positive.
  • Children who suffer from anxiety, stress, or worry, become more calm and more relaxed.
  • Children regain their sense of self-trust, and self-worth. They begin to believe in themselves and feel comfortable being their true selves.
  • Children become more creative, resourceful, and inventive as they begin to display their unique aptitudes, talents, and gifts.
  • Social skills improve.  Children overcome shyness and insecurity to become more self-expressive and outgoing, interested in trying new things and meeting new people.
  • Cognitive abilities improve, such as focus, attention span, comprehension and memory, which contributes to greater academic progress and better grades at school.
  • Behavior improves. Children show maturity, respect, kindness and consideration of others. Their attitude becomes more positive, cooperative, and helpful.
  • Children develop greater empathy, intuition, and compassion. Parents report that they are more affectionate and loving toward their family.
  • Children are better able to self-regulate. Temperament improves. Most seem more light-hearted and more enjoying of life.
  • Children become more self-reliant.  They think and do for themselves, facing and solving their own challenges.
  • Fears of all kinds, from night terrors to public speaking are overcome.
  • Children exhibit greater physical coordination, strength, agility, speed, and grace.
  • Posture improves. Children noticeably stand straighter and taller. They conduct themselves in a self-assured, dignified and even graceful manner.
  • In some cases, physical healing occurs, especially for ailments caused by emotional or mental stress.
  • Children’s faces become more luminous and open. This is noticeable!
  • Many children exhibit leadership ability.
  • Children begin to gain self-understanding and awareness of their life purpose.
  • Children develop their natural psychic abilities.