Crystal Properties Directory: H - L

Halite, Pink: NO WATER - IT DISSOLVES INSTANTLY Self-Love Actualization, Blends Heart Energy with Solar Plexus, Sense of Purpose, Healthier Life Style, Clears Confusion and Doubt, Aids those who work in Unhealthy Environments, Cleanses Emotionally and Physically, Calms Emotional Body, Protects Emotional Empaths, Releases Heavy Metals, Assists Metabolism of Nutrients and Water 

Healer’s Gold: Positive Energy, Harmonizes astral, Subtle and Causal Bodies and Aligns them with the physical, Balances Masculine/Feminine Aspects, Aids Low Energy and Passivity, Helps Healers not to experience Energy Drain, Life Force, Restores Magnetic and Auric Fields, Shields Aura from disharmonious energies and EMF, Confident Decision-Making, Heals Elimination, Digestive and Reproductive Systems

Hematite: Grounding, Protection, Supports Shy, Timid People, Boosts Self-Esteem, Removes Self-Limitation, Helps with Over-Eating, Smoking and Over-Indulgences, Blood Cleanser, Helps Insomnia, Leg Cramps, Anxiety and Anaemia, Draws Light into the most difficult situations

Herkimer Diamond Quartz: Joy; Delightful Happy Frequency, Energizing, Promotes Creativity, Stimulates Psychic Abilities, Spiritual Vision, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Dream Recall/Lucidity/ Interpretation, Links to Higher Guidance, Helps Recognize blocks to Spiritual Growth; Brings Soul's Purpose 

Howlite: Extremely Calming Stone, Quiets Over-Active Mind, Aids Sleep and Meditation, Can open Past-life Memories when placed on 3rd Eye, Aids Teeth, Bones and Soft Tissue

Iolite: Deep Inner Journey, Shamanic Journeying Stone, Vision, Illuminates Suppressed/Unknown Parts of Psyche, Facing Fears, Intuitive Knowing, Aids Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Mediums and Channels, Attunes to Past-Life Periods with Cathars, Knights Templar and Arthurian Legends, Opens 3rd Eye, Helps Understand and Release Causes of Addictions, Overcomes Codependency, Regenerates Liver, Treats Respiratory System

Jade: Health, Abundance, Purity, Serenity, Tranquility, Heals Heart Chakra, Harmony, Happiness, Emotional and Physical Well-Being, Heals Dysfunctional Relationships, Heals Poverty/Money Issues, Balances Body Fluids/Acid-alkaline, Regenerates Tissues, Heals Heart

Jasper, Mookaite: JAnimal Communication, Ancestors, Slows Aging Process, Maintains a Young Heart and Vibrant Physical Body, Helps Use Earth Energy for Health & Manifestation, Communication with Unborn Children, Assists Pregnancy/Reproduction, Counters Effects of Aging, Imparts Desire for New Experiences, Fortifies Immune System, Clarifies Decision-making

Jasper, Ocean: Powerful Earth Element healer, Enjoyment of Life, Relaxation, Release of Negativity and Stress, Positive Self-expression, Physical and Emotional Healing, Joy, High Spirits, Moods-lifting, Banishes Complacency, Lifts Depression, Helps give up Destructive and Addictive Behaviours, Heals Cellular Memory and Cell Damage

Jasper, Picture: Inner Journeying to Sacred Sites and Ancient Civilizations; Connecting with Earth Consciousness; Hidden Pictures of the Past, Planet Healer, Brotherhood of Man, Understanding Advanced Civilizations, Tunes into Power Spots, Helps Emotionally Reconnect to Planet and Ancient Knowing of Living in Balance, Supports Bone Growth and Healing

Jasper, Red: Physical Strength, Vitality, Stabilization, Balances Root and Sacral Chakras, Supreme Nurturer, Teaches Gentleness, especially with Self, Life-force Energy, Boundaries, Saying “no”, Releases Guilt and Shame over Sexual Issues, Balances Sexual Issues, Aids Recovery from Violent Sexual Experiences, Builds Strength, Aids Physical Recovery, Aids Circulatory and Respiration Systems, Regenerates Tissue, Robust Fetal Growth

Jet: Draws out Negativity, Alleviates Unreasonable Fears; Protection, Opens Psychic Experiences, Stabilizes Finances and Mood, Alleviates Depression, Treats Migraines, Epilepsy, Colds, Glandular Swelling, and Menstrual Cramps

Kunzite (Spodumene): Divine Love, Activation of the Heart’s Knowing, Emotional Healing, Tranquility, High Vibration, Awakens Heart center to Unconditional Love, Loving thoughts and Communication, Radiates Peace, Humility, Willingness to Serve, Shields Aura, Returns Trust and Innocence, Lifts Emotional Depression, Kindness, Altruistic Behavior, Releases Resistance to Life

Kyanite: Inner Bridges, Connection, Initiates Psychic Ability, Past-life Recall, Telepathy, and Empathy, Instantly Aligns Charkas and Subtle Bodies, Clears Energy Pathways and Meridians, stabilizes magnetic field; excellent for attunement and meditation; powerful transmitter and Amplifies High Frequency Energies, Stimulates Psychic Ability/Intuition, Connects to Spirit Guides, Attracts Soul Contracts, Heals Brain, Creates New Neural Pathways, Protects Healers

Labradorite: Bringer of Cosmic Light, Raises Consciousness, Connects with Universal Energies, Ancestors and Star Nations, Protection, Shamanic Journeying, Inner Magic, Faith in the Future, Synchroncity, Aid to Uncovering Subconscious Cause of Disease

Lapis Lazuli: Truth, Inner Vision, Truthful Communication, Royalty, Opens 3rd Eye, Balances Throat Chakra, Enhances Dream Work and Spiritual Journeying, Activates Higher Mind and Psychic Ability, Serenity, Protection, Heals Martyrdom and patterns of cruelty & suffering, Balances Thyroid, Identifies Karmic Roots of Disease and Self-Sabotage

Larimar (Dolphin Stone or Blue Pectolite): Deep Nurturing, Calming, Cooling, Soothes Emotional Body, Enhances Communication, Feminine Power, Goddess Energies; Radiates Love, Peace, Tranquility; Induces Meditative State, Going with the Flow, Playfulness, Heals Inner Child, Helps work through Infancy Issues/Birth/Pre-birth, Good for Mothers during and after Pregnancy, Aids Post-Partum Depression, Heals Colds/Fevers and Regulates Mucous Production

Lepidolite: Acceptance, Relaxation, Flowing with Life, Stillness, Release of Old Psychological andBehavioural Patterns, Clears Electromagnetic Pollution, Dissipates Negativity, Brings Cosmic Awareness, Aids Shamanic Journeying and Accessing Akashic Records, Reduces Stress and Depression, Overcomes Insomnia, Mood Swings and Bipolar Disorder, Heals Dependency, Aids Alzheimer’s, Sciatica & Anorexia

Lithium Quartz: Natural Antidepressant, Powerful Emotional Healer, Gently Lifts Conditions underlying Depression to the Surface, Neutralizes Ancient Anger and Grief, Can Heal Roots of Emotional Disease in Past-lives, Excellent Chakra Cleanser and Water Purifier; Healer of Plants and Animals