Crystal Healing Certification Course

Begin Your Crystal Assisted Life Here!

Experience the Healing, Growth, Love, Empowerment and Transformation of Crystal Frequencies.

No experience is required to get started with Day 1 of this 5-day Crystal Healing Certificate Program. You have the freedom to stop after learning the basics or deepen your study by continuing with Day 2 & 3.  Successful completion of all 5 days will earn you a Certificate in Crystal Healing.

DAY 1 provides an excellent introduction to a Crystal-assisted life!  Learn the numerous ways to apply the energy of Crystals in your daily life.  Day 1 is the prerequisite for Days 2, 3, 4 & 5.  It lays the groundwork to continue forward. Day 1 is a great introduction that will provide you with working knowledge of the following and more:

  • an energetic attunement to the Crystal realms
  • who Crystals are and how they can help you to heal, grow, release and expand your consciousness
  • how to chose the Crystal that best meets your current energetic needs
  • numerous ways to utilize Crystals to improve your life
  • how to care for your Crystals
  • how to do a basic chakra layout for yourself

DAY 2 & 3 provide a deeper exploration of Crystal powe which includes learning about specific Crystal growth configurations, healing techniques, Lemurian Crystals, Crystal massage and Crystal wand work.  See the Course Outline below.

DAY 4 & 5 is an advanced training weekend to achieve your goal of becoming a Crystal Healer. You will learn the theory and practice of Crystal healing layouts for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human being. This training prepares you to offer Crystal Healing as a stand-alone practice or as an enrichment to other healing practices, such as Reiki or body work. See course outline below.

Take the course one day at a time, paying as you go or purchase the 5-Day Certification Package for a modest savings.

DAY 1: $155.00 + HST
DAY 2: $155.00 + HST
DAY 3: $155.00 + HST
DAY 4 & 5: $275.00
5 DAY PACKAGE: $700.00 (save $40) + HST
If you reside outside of Canada, you do not pay the HST (taxes) 

COURSE MANUAL INCLUDED: in depth notes and reference material are provided for every class

CLASS HOURS: are usually 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST each day. I modify the class hours to accommodate specific groups and students in different time zones.

DATES: Contact me for next teaching dates. I announce the dates by email to my subscribers. I also post them on the ‘Event Calendar’ page of this website.

SCHEDULING: The course is usually offered over a series of weekends rather than 5 consecutive days to help accommodate busy schedules and budgets. More importantly, taking time between classes also allows for more practice and integration. DAY 4 & 5 are always taught on consecutive days, usually over a weekend.

PRIVATE GROUPS: Classes can also be arranged for interested groups on weekends or weekdays. The minimum class size is 4 students.

LOCATION: Courses can be offered online and in-person.


Contact me, Karen Osborne to register.  I respond faster to email.
Phone or Text: 613-470-1888
Once you have registered, I will send more detailed information regarding what you need to be prepared for class.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT THE CLASS: If you would like to read comments from people who have taken the course, visit the 'Testimonials Page' of my website and select 'Crystal Healing Certificate' in the drop-down menu.

Course Outline:

DAY 1:

  • Getting to know the Crystal Kingdom. Exploring the vastness of the Crystal realms and the numerous ways in which they manifest on Earth.
  • Who crystals are (i.e. Crystal consciousness) and how they work with humanity.
  • You will receive an energetic attunement to the Crystal realms.
  • Guidelines for choosing and acquiring crystals.
  • Overview of the many ways to apply Crystals in daily life for healing, growth, and personal evolution.
  • Learning a wide variety of techniques for cleansing and charging Crystals.
  • Learning to use your intuition to choose stones.
  • Learning how to do a personal Chakra Balancing Crystal Layout (this will be combined with a Crystal singing bowl healing).

DAY 2:

  • Learn useful information about natural, treated and lab-made Crystal specimens.
  • Learn the healing properties of the different Crystal shapes and formations (also natural growth versus cutting and polishing).
  • Partner with a classmate to learn how to perform spinal clearing (healing) with Crystals.
  • Learn about Lemurian Crystals and the gift they bring to humanity.
  • Partner with a classmate to learn how to do healing work with Crystal wands.

 Prerequisite: Day 1

DAY 3:

  • Learn how to program Crystals.
  • Learn how to structure liquids with Crystalline energies to make gem elixirs and other healing products.
  • Partner with a classmate to learn how to give Crystal egg massage.
  • Introductory lesson about the sacred geometry of Crystals.
  • Learn how to grid interior and exterior space with Crystals for purposes of protection, healing, and co-creation.
  • Learn about healing Crystal instruments and how to make them.
  • Learn about the Master Crystals – Who they are, how to identify them and work with them.

Prerequisite: Day 1

DAY 4 & 5: Advanced Crystal Work ~ The Laying on of Stones

On Day 4 and 5 you work with partners to learn advanced more advanced Crystal work that can be used with clients. This 2-day component of the 5-day course must be successfully completed to earn certification.

  • Laying on of stones - learn to lay stones on people as part of a healing session or as a stand-alone form of healing
  • 2-point healing with wands
  • Triangulations
  • Star-points
  • Specialized Crystal layouts
  • Etheric surgery
  • Aura Dredging
  • Basic Cleansing/Energizing Layout

Prerequisite: Day 1