Shamanic Journey Crystal Healing Session

This session is a guided journey to help you access your inner truth. I help you discover the issue you most need to heal and then we  journey back in time to heal the source of that issue. We may find it in your recent past, childhood, infancy, in utero, or even a past-life. We go back as far as possible. We explore hidden, and/or known, beliefs around the issue and how they have been creating patterns in your life and limiting your ability to manifest happiness. Together, we heal the beliefs, and release cellular memory you may be holding around emotional, mental and physical trauma and conditioning.

A full Crystal layout and energy work are completed as part of your session. I leave the Crystal layout up as long as possible to support further healing and integration - a minimum of two weeks though usually much longer.

Sessions can be offered in-person, phone or Zoom.

After Healing Protocol:

After your healing session it’s good to keep your aura quiet. Most people feel lighter, freer and more peaceful.  It is also normal to experience some fatigue and detox symptoms as your physical body adjusts to the new configuration.

Your paint needs to dry so it’s best to minimize contact with other people. Spending time in nature and with animals is recommended.  Extra rest, quiet time, eating healthy food and drinking extra water will assist the purification of your physical body.  Salt baths, saunas and freshly juiced fruit and vegetables will also help your physical body process all the energetic changes that have been made. Sleep is the great integrator, so allow your body as much as it needs.

You may wish to journal and practice gratitude during this introspective time.  Pay attention to what you attract and what falls away.

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