Celebrating DaEl Walker

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Today would have been DaEl Walker's 88th birthday - a perfect time to honour this wonderful man who was my first Crystal Teacher.

DaEl accomplished many things; he authored books, he founded the Crystal Awareness Institute in California, he created a Crystal healing modality, he channeled Archangel Michael and Crystal Skulls, and he taught thousands of students all over the world... but I remember him best as the first person I ever met who was truly present in his life.

To me he felt like a sea of peace and patience. Like a master, he taught by example and I remember being healed simply by being in his presence.

I learned so much from DaEl. Many of you will remember me talking about him in Crystal classes - sharing stories and passing along his teachings. He was a kind and patient teacher who generously shared his knowledge.

I draw daily from DaEl's teachings and remember him with great affection, respect and admiration. He was a man of great integrity; an ancient soul with the calling and courage to become a true leader and pioneer in the field of Crystal healing. I am forever grateful.

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