Crystal Properties Directory: A - C

Agate: Self-Acceptance, Motherly Love, Stability, Calming, Nurturing and Acceptance

Amazonite: Harmony, Personal Truth, Speaking from the Heart, Discernment, Relaxation and Recovery

Amber: Warmth, Positive Outlook, Motivation, Cleansing, Revitalization, Lifts Depression

Amethyst: Divine Connection, Purification, Protection, Psychic Abilities, Aids Addiction Recovery and Insomnia

Apache Tear: Heals Grief, Cleanses Emotional Baggage, Overcomes Victimization, Releases Grievances, Protection

Apophyllite: Angelic Connection, Clear Vision, Overcomes Fear, Channels Reiki Frequency, Develops Inter-Dimensional Awareness and Helps Understand Spiritual Lessons

Aquamarine: Courage, Closure, Release, Letting Go, Overcoming Judgment, Cleansing Anger, Self-Expression and Clear Communication

Aventurine – Green: Growth, Abundance, Devic Connection. Plant Communication, All-Round Healer, Opens Heart Chakra, Releases Old Emotional Trauma

Azurite: Opens Third Eye, Develops Psychic Abilities, Stone of Break-Through and Understanding, Dispels Illusion, Stimulates Pineal & Pituitary Glands, Aids Headaches & Thyroid Conditions

Black Tourmaline (Shcorl): Grounding, Purification, Protection, Transmutation of Dense Energies, Overcoming Victimization

Bloodstone (Heliotrope): Courage; Blood Strengthener and Cleanser, Powerful Physical Healer; Grounding, Overcomes Criticism, Animal Healer

Blue Chalcedony: Calm, Centeredness, Balance, Inner Knowing & Communication, Telepathy, Strengthens Throat Chakra, Aids Mucous Membranes, Oedema and High Blood Pressure

Blue Lace Agate: Communication, Clarity, Cooling, Calming; Brings Peace of Mind, Heals Throat Chakra, Stillness, Discernment

Calcite, Blue: Soothing, Restorative, Calming; Relaxing, Aids Recuperation from Illness, Lowers Blood Pressure

Golden, Yellow or Honey Calcite: Self-Trust, Motivation, New Learning & Skills, Determination, Overcomes Procrastination and Laziness, Heals Abuse & Fear of Power, Energy Amplifier, Cleanses Dense Energies & Elimination Organs, Crown & Solar Plexus, Motivation, Memory & Study, Spontaneous Acts of Love & Joy

Green Calcite: Relaxation, Emotional balance, Release of Stress & Resentment, Refreshment, Fresh Starts, Clears Heart Chakra, Renewed Purpose, Rejuvenation of Physical Body

Orange Calcite: Creativity, Playfulness, Sexuality, Enjoyment, Pleasure, Innovation, Spontaneity, Awakening Inner Child, Highly Energizing & Cleansing stone, Heals Reproductive & Digestive Systems, Overcomes Depression, Lethargy & Phobias

Pink Mangano Calcite: Angelic Realms, Unconditional Love, Self-Acceptance, Dissolves Resistance & Anxiety, Heals Trauma and Assault, Gently Releases Buried Anger and Pain, Heals Passive-Aggressive Behavior, Aids Distribution of Nutrients in Body

Rhomboid Calcite, Clear: Structure, Conscious Reality, Expands Mind out of False Securities, Connects to Higher Dimensions, Helps to see Clearly or in a new way, Visions, Dreams, Channelling, Inspirational Flashes, Promotes Generosity & Release from Selfishness

Carnelian: Vitality, Life Force, Creativity, Sexuality, Assertive Will, Passion, Willingness to Take Risks, Fortification of the Physical Body, Stimulation, Action Toward Dreams, Fire Element

Celestite: Angelic Vibration, Access to Higher Dimensions, Serenity, Facilitates Communication with Guides & Angels, Opens Psychic Ability, Overcomes Fear and Paranoia, Inner Peace

Charoite: Reveals & Activates Path of Service, Purges Inner Negativity, Protection; Transformation, Inner Vision, Coping with Spiritual Change, Releases Deep Fears, Protects, Cleanses, Brings Deep Spiritual Insights, Heals Insomnia

Chiastolite, Cross Stone or Andalusite: Powerfully Protection, Wards of Ill Wishing and Curses, stone for warding off ill wishing and curses; Heals Conflict, Dispels Negative Thoughts, Facing Reality, Releasing Conditioning, Dissolves Illusion & Calms Fears, Fortifies Nerves, Death and Rebirth,

Chlorite: Cellular Regeneration & Healing, Heals Energetic Structure of DNA, Brings Body Into Alignment with Light, Glowing Health, Integration of Cellular Memories, Links to Nature Spirits

Chrysocolla: Feminine Energy of the Goddess, Tranquility, Builds Trust in Relationships, Overcomes Co-dependence, Releases Guilt, Heals Heartache, Lowers Blood Pressure & Heals Feminine Health, including Menopause

Chrysoprase: Heart Healer, Connection with Nature Spirits, Centers Consciousness in the Heart, Fosters Compassion & Forgiveness, Joy, Wealth, Physical Health, Heals Resentment, Jealousy & Competition, Powerful Love Attracter, General Healer and Rejuvenator, Aids Recuperation of Degenerative Disease

Chrysanthemum Stone: Calmness, Harmony, Adaptation to Change, Present Moment, Childlike, Innocence, Fun-loving, Heals Bigotry, Narrow-mindedness, Self-Righteousness & Jealousy, Overcomes Superficiality, Encourages Self to Bloom

Cinnabar: Abundance, Charisma, Persuasiveness, Prosperity, Fluency, Elegant Speech, Persona Enhancement, Dignity, Beauty, Heals & Purifies Blood, Strengthens Body, Stabilizes Weight

Citrine: Solar Energy, Potential, Abundance, Accomplishment, Self-Confidence, Self-Worth, Optismism, Detoxification, Hormone Balance

Clear Quartz: Master Stone, Powerful Healer, Energy Amplifier, Strengthens Aura, Purifies, Clarifies, Divinity

Creedite: Expansiveness, Heart Awareness, Upliftment, Dream Interpretation, Higher Perspective, Clears Blockages, Overcoming Addiction

Crocoite: Breakthroughs, Ecstasy, Sexuality, Creativity, Physical Vitality, Emotional Clearing, Alignment of Thoughts with Heart, Balances Endocrine System