Crystal Properties Directory: M - S

Magnesite: Balances Brain and Enhances Brain Function, Activates Pineal & Pituitary, 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras, Enhances Psychic Senses, Raises Consciousness, Transcendent States, Helps to Let go of Control and the Past, Relieves Resistance to the Future, Access to Genetic Memory and Star-seed Origins, Releases Tension and Stagnation, Aids Sensitive Skin, Muscle Tissue, Fibroids

Malachite: Absorbs Negative Energies, Soaks up Electromagnetic and Radiation Pollution, Strengthens Energetic Shield, Breaks through Limitations, Barriers, Brings Strength to Change, Encourages Taking Responsibility, Correct Use of Power, Ego-buster, Midwifing Stone, Pain Relief, Eases Cramping, Heals Miasms, Overcomes Phobias, Clears Solar Plexus, Lowers Blood Pressure

Magi Stones: Remembering Perfection, The Garden of Eden, Dancing, Engaging Life, Communion with other Life Forms, Unity Consciousness

Meteorite: Electrical Energy, Kundalini Activation, Star Energy, Saura Agni, Hindu Vedas, Source, Bringer of Great Change, Cosmic Leaps in Spiritual Evolution, Structure, Completion, Accepting the Mundane, Stamina, Good for Premature Infants, Strength, Helps with Long Illnesses or Physical Recovery

Mica: Provides Reflective Qualities, Helps one Remain in Heart Space, Love of Humanity, Clarity, Vision, Mysticism, Helps to ‘see’ Oneself, Promotes Flexibility, Diminishes Anger, Tantrums and Nervous Energy, Eases Internal Stresses in the Earth, Heals Geopathic Stress, Releases Energy Blocks and Stagnation, Treats Insomnia, Over-sleeping, Mononucleosis, Dehydration, Can Restore Energy and Purpose

Moldavite: Communication with Higher-self, Extraterrestrials, Ascended Masters; Accelerates Spiritual Growth, Raises Personal Vibration, Opens and Clears, Aligns Charkas, Eases Homesickness for Star Children, Takes you beyond your limits, Stone of Massive Transformation, Intense Frequency, Activates Entire Chakra System, Can create Healing Crisis for Learning and Movement to Next Phase of Growth

Mookaite (Mook Jasper): Animal Communication, Ancestors, Slows Aging Process, Maintains a Young Heart and Vibrant Physical Body, Helps Use Earth Energy for Health and Manifestation, Communication with Unborn Children, Assists Pregnancy/Reproduction, Counters Effects of Aging, Imparts Desire for New Experiences, Fortifies Immune System, Clarifies Decision-making

Moonstone: New Beginnings, Promotes Intuition, Empathy, Makes the Subconscious, Conscious, Encourages Lucid Dreaming, Enhances Psychic Abilities and Clairvoyance, Calms Emotional Triggers and Overreaction, Draws out Old Emotional Patterning, Soothes Stress, Helps one Learn to Receive, and to ‘just be’, Aids to Feminine Organs, PMS, Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding and pancreas

Moqui Marbles (Shaman Stones or Thunderballs): Meteorite Core inside Hematitie-Iron Layer, Healing Stones, Connection to the Earth, Protection, Absorption of Negative Energies, Purify Chakric Column, Balance Masculine/Feminine, Connection to Ancient Ways and Future, Shamanic Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Overcoming Fear of Death, Reverence for All Life, Recognition of Infinity/Immortality

Morganite: Divine love, Compassion, Releases Old Pain and Sorrow, Cleanses and Energizes Heart and Emotional Body, Heals Fear, Resentment, Anger, Rids one of Attachments to Past Relationships, Clears attitudes, Wounds and Patterns that stand in the way of Soul-Mate Relationship, Aligns with Angelic beings/Guidance, Brings Prosperity in Love, Emotional Abundance, Trust in the Divine; Peace, Joy and Inner Strength, Allows Universal love to flow through all relationships

Moss Agate: Stabilizing, Strongly Connection to Nature, Earth and Devic Realms, Stimulates Contact with Elementals and Nature Spirits, Grounding, Balancing, Transmutes unwholesome tendencies of any kind, even those of a karmic, past-life nature, Brings Peace and Stability to Emotional Body, Aids Mood Swings, Drama Addiction, Birthing/Midwifing Stone, Attracts Abundance, Heals Addiction, Stabilizing to All Systems of Physical Body, Aids Circulation, Digestion, Neural Activity, Flow of Lymph, Immune System and Visceral Organs, Good for Physical Workouts/Bodybuilding, Aids, Treats Fungal and Skin Infections

Mystic Merlinite (Indidgo Gabro): Parts Veils between Worlds, Develops Psychic Abilities/ Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience & Prophetic Vision, Recalls Knowledge and Talents from Past-lives, Enables one to talk to Plants, Animals, Guides and Spirits, Expands Self-Awareness, Reveals Shadow Self, Retrieves Judged and Rejected Parts of Self, Brings Non-judement and Appreciation to each Moment

Nebula Stone: Attainment of Personal and Spiritual Goals; Activates Psychic Senses, Facilitates Spiritual Growth and Right Livelihood, Clears Negativity, Stimulates Kundalini, Gives Energy and Courage to Fulfill Highest Path; Transformation, Harmonization, Helps feel more content in one’s body and at home on Earth, Mental Alertness, Physical Strength, Detox Chemical Abuse, Addiction Recovery,

Nirvana Quartz: Resonates at the Intersection of Past and Future Time, Aid Evolution to Highest Destiny, Profound Inner Illumination, Deep Peace & Interior Silence, Links Brain and Heart, Blueprint for Post-Human Destiny, Trust in the Future, Heals Illusion of Perfection/Brokeness, Victimization/Unworthiness and Self-Degradation

Nuummite: 3rd Eye, Solar Plexus and Root Chakras, Inner Power, Self-Mastery, Self-Discovery, Retrieval of Soul Parts Lost to Fear, Trauma, Guilt or Shame, Healing Childhood/Past-Lives/Shadow-Self, Integration of Denied, Vilified or Ignored Parts of Self, Clairvoyance, Intuition, Over-coming Self-Doubt, Becoming Whole

Obsidian: Deep Soul Healing, Taking Responsibility, Protection from Negative Energies and Power Games, Prevents Others from Draining your Aura, Cuts Etheric Cords and Bindings, Dispels Fear & Negative Thoughts, Dissolves Blockages and Ancient Traumas

Onyx: Inner Strength, Self-Mastery, Self-Confidence, Grounding, Learning Lessons, Support in times of enormous Physical or Mental Stress, Enhances Endurance and Persistence; Aligns with Higher Power, Promotes Vigour and Stamina, Healing Old Grief and Physical Trauma from Past-Lives,

Opal: Luck, Hope, Cosmic Consciousness, Psychic Visions, Originality, Creativity, Accessing and Expressing True Self, Karmic Lessons, Love, Self-Worth, Passion, Desire, Eroticism, Release of Inhibitions, Loyalty, Spontaneity, Relieves PMS, Eases Childbirth

Opal, Pink: Renewal Sacred Self, Teaches Love and Non-Violence, Spiritual Awakening, Emotional Healing, Peace, Calms Heart, Relieves Anxiousness, Dreams, Past-Life Healing, Gentleness, Compassion, Treats Diabetes, Hypoglycemia & Irregular Heartbeat, Supports Lungs and Oxygenation of Body

Pearl: Faith; Charity; Innocence; Integrity; Helps Focus Attention; Stimulates Purity of Body and Mind; Advances Wisdom; Clears Channel for Spiritual Guidance; “Stone of Sincerity” Brings Truth to Situations and Loyalty to Cause; Inhibits Boisterous Behavior; Provides Reflection of Self; Treats Digestive Disorders, Bloating, Gas; Increases Fertility; Eases Childbirth

Peridot: Wealth and Prosperity, Health, Joy, Emotional Well-being, Taking Responsibility, Courage to Act on Heart’s Desires, Generosity, Self-Worth, Confidence, Freedom from Guilt, Communication Fairy Realms and Nature Spirits, Neutralizes Toxins, Releases Old Baggage/Burdens/Guilt/Obsessions, Teaches Detachment, Sharpens Mind, Plant and Animal Healer, Heals and Regenerates Tissues, Aids Bipolar and Hypochondria

Petrified Wood: Steady Growth, Strong Physical Body; Past-Life Recall, Patience, Inner Peace, New Beginnings and Ancient Knowledge, Honoring Roots, Knowledge of Ancient Ones, Self-Understanding, A New Path, Transformation, Genetic Records, Balances Liver/Gallbladder, Cleans Liver and Blood, Facilitates Production of Blood Cells & Bone Marrow

Phenacite: Powerful, High Vibration, Activates 3rd Eye & Inner Visioning, Brings Light Body into Conscious Connection with Physical, Communication with Spirit Guides, Angelic Beings and other Higher Plane Beings, Initiatory Experiences, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Prophetic Vision, Remote Viewing, Cleansing, Higher Awareness, Power Dreams, Expanded Spiritual Understanding, Meditation, Courage to Change, Heals Brain and Nerve Damage and Disorders

Pietersite: Grounding, Shamanic Journeying, Akashic records, Vision Questing, Meditation, Releasing Past-Life Vows, Authority Issues, Abuse of Power, Willpower, Stimulates Pituitary and Endocrine System, Clears Stagnant Energies, Strengthens Nerves and Brain

Pink Tourmaline: Quintessential Heart-Chakra Stone, Female Energy, Heals Old Wounds/Childhood/Abuse/Depression/Anxiety, Comforting, Nurturing, Good for Indigo Children, Attracts Love, Brings Joy/Happiness, Inspires Trust/Surrender to Love, Strength in Vulnerability, Eases Angina/Irregular Heartbeat/Recovery from Heart Attack, Heals Lungs and Skin

Prasiolite (Green Amethyst): Opens and Links Heart & Crown Chakra, Connection to Higher Self/Higher Realms, Desire, Will, Expressing Spiritual Ideals in Everyday Life, Transcends Temptations/Judgment/Negativity, Walking Your Talk, Clears Disharmonious Emotional Patterns, Supports Shamanic Work, Fairy Communication, Compassion, Self-Honor, Supports Physical Heart/Digestion/Stomach Acid Imbalance/Nutrient Assimilation

Prehnite: Links Heart with Will, Brings Desires Into Alignment with Highest Good, Quiets Restlessness/Worry/Nervousness/Worst Case Scenario, Invokes Power in the Service of Love, Contact with Higher Dimensional Beings/ET’s/Fairies/Ascended Masters, Ability to Receive, Good Retreat Stone, Spiritual Surrender, Joy, Non-Judgment, Clears Ego/Emotional Debris, Raphael Frequency, Seals Aura, Protects Healers, Creates Healing Sanctuary, Safe Travel

Purpurite: Violet Ray, Purifies one’s Energy Fields and Meridians, Keeps Clear and Free of Negative Entities and Attachments, Opens Crown Chakra, Provides Psychic Protection, Stone of Initiation, Conscious Connection to Spirit Guides, Teaches Love of the Unknown, Reveals Deception of Others, Courage to Leave Comfort Zone for promise of Greater Identity and Highest Expression of Spiritual Power

Pyrite: Protection (especially for children and those doing dangerous work or extreme sports), Shields from Negative Energies, Being Present, Physical Strength and Agility, Assertiveness, Athletic Performance, Quick Response, Alertness, Masculine Energy, Solar Energy, Manifestation through Expression of Inner Truth, Grounding, Repairs, Bones/Lungs/DNA, Lessens Fever and Inflammation, Encourages Flawless Health/Nourishment of the Physical Body, Stimulates Intellect

Rainbow Aura or Titanium Quartz: Increased Life Force and Vitality, Sense of Humour, Relaxation, Enjoyment of Life, Takes Burden out of Responsibility, Stimulates Endocrine System, Heals Burnout and Exhaustion, Releases Resentment and Conflict

Rhodochrosite: Selfless Love and Compassion, Expands Consciousness; Imparts Positive Attitude, Heals Heart & Relationships, Helps those who feel Unloved or Unlovable, best stone for healing Sexual Abuse, Attracts Soul Mate, Helps those who have Shut Down, Provides Gentle Emotional Release, Removes Denial, Heals Inner Child and Childhood Wounds, Restores Innocence and Forgotten Gifts/Abiliities, Helps Infection, Skin Conditions, Thyroid, Sex Organs, Infections

Rhodonite: Outer Directed Energy of Love, Helps Recover Lost Gifts and Talents and Using them for the Good of the Community, Fulfills Need to be Deeply Loved, Attracts People and Situations best suited for Learning/Development and Using Talents, Fulfilment of Highest Aspirations, Heals Betrayal/ Abuse/Abandonment and Co-dependency, Assists Organs/Glands, Flow of Chi, Endocrine System, Detox, Clearing Gallstones, Multiple Sclerosis and Liver Disease

Rhyolite: Ignites Potential and Creativity of the soul; Gently Facilitates Change/Moving Forward, Soul Quests, Deep Meditation, Journeying, Resolution of Past, Enhances Self-Esteem/Self-Worth/Self-Respect/Acceptance of True Self, Balances Emotions, Facilitates Deep Emotional Release, Fortifies Immune System, Dissolves Kidney Stones & Hardened Tissue, Aids, Veins, Rashes, Skin Disorders and Vitamin Assimilation

Rose Quartz: Most Important Stone for the Heart, Unconditional Love and Peace, Teaches Essence of True Love/Self-Love, Purifies Heart to Receive Love, Brings Love into Life on all Levels, Stone of Friendship, Relieves Anxiety, Releases Old Emotional Wounds Helps Mid-Life Crisis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia, Aids Physical Heart, Circulatory System, Chest, Lungs and Thymus, Alleviates Vertigo, Soothes Burns, Good for Skin Conditions of any kind

Ruby: Life-force Energy, Invigoration, Passion for Life, Motivation; Love, Virility; Stimulates Heart and Kundalini, Clears Blockages, Encourages following your Bliss, Shields against Psychic Attack, Stimulates Pineal Gland, Abundance & Retention of Wealth, Dynamic Leadership, Sexual Activity, Detoxifies Blood and Lymph,

Ruby in Zoisite: Activates Crown Chakra, Altered States of Consciousness, Facilitates Soul Memory and Spiritual Learning, Helpful in Soul Healing & Past-life Work, Promotes Individuality while retaining Interconnectedness with rest of humanity, Powerfully Amplifies Body’s Biomagnetic Field Helps Recover from Severe Illness or Stress, Good Detoxifier, Neutralizes Over-Acidity, Heals Ovaries and testicles, Increases Potency, Transmutes Negative Energy

Rutilated Quartz: Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Light, Soul Illumination, Spiritual Growth, Cleanses and Energizes the Aura, Access to Highest Spiritual Guidance, Breaks down Barriers to Spiritual Progress, Filters Negative Energy during Healing Work, Draws off Dis-ease from Past-lives, Protects Against Psychic Attack, Connects to Soul Lessons and Soul Plan for Present Life, Reaches Root of Problems, Anti-Depressant, Relieves Fears/Phobias, Anxiety/Self-Hatred, Promotes Forgiveness, Good for Exhaustion/Thyroid, Heart/Thymus, Solar Plexus Chakra & Ears

Blue Sapphire: Protection from Harm/Fraud/Poverty, Mental and Psychic Protection, Extrasensory Perception, Mental Agility, 3rd Eye and Throat Chakra, Underlying Truth, Inner Wisdom, Organization, Goal Accomplishment, Self-Discipline (e.g. Weight Loss), Strengthens Against Negative Thoughts, Lucid Dreaming, Learning, Knowledge, Past-lives, Aids Headaches/Eye Problems/Ear Imbalances and Vertigo

Sardonyx: Strength and Protection, Integrity, Virtuous Conduct, Brings lasting Happiness Stability to Marriages and Partnerships, Attracts Friends and Good Fortune, Willpower, Strength of Character, Stamina, Vigour, Self-control, Alleviates Depression, Overcomes Hesitancy, Improves Perception, Heals Lungs and Bones, Regulates Fluids and Cell Metabolism, absorption of Nutrients and Elimination of Waste,

Scolecite: Inner Peace, Relaxation, Tranquility, Inter-dimensional Travel, Awakening of the Heart, 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra, Meditation, Restful Sleep, Calm, Serenity, Lucid Dreams, Protection from Astral Entities, Astral Travel, Knowledge from Ancient and Future Civilizations, Gentle Cleanser, Crown and Soul Star Chakra, Connection with Higher Self,

Selenite: Divine Alignment, Communication with Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels, High Sweet Vibration, Soul Memory, Opens and Aligns 3rd Eye, Crown & Higher Dimensional Chakras up to the 12th, Cleanses All Levels of Being, Protection, Meditation, Overcomes Stagnation, Dispels Illusion, Aligns Spinal Column, Promotes Healthy Lifestyle,

Septarian: Boundaries, Embracing Power, Cultivation of Self-Confidence and Leadership, Teaches how to be Open and remain Defined, Self-Development, Release Need to Control Others, Aid to Detox

Seraphinite: Combination of Chlorite & Phenacite, Spiritual Enlightenment, Self Healing, Angelic Connection, Cleanses Heart Chakra, Opens Crown and Higher Chakras, High Vibration, Journey to Peace and Fulfillment, Releases Muscle Tension, Promotes Weight Loss

Chlorite: In all forms one of the most effective for Cellular Regeneration and Healing; Discovering and Processing Physical Disease in other Lifetimes, Accesses DNA, Releases Old Patterns of Disease, Glowing Health, Healing and Integration of Cellular Memory, Creates Clarity in the Body, Mind and Emotions

Serpentine, Light Green (Infinite Stone): Angelic Guidance, Accesses and Integrates Past, Present and Future, Past-life Exploration & Healing, Promotes Compassion and Forgiveness for the Self, Clears Emotional Baggage from Previous Relationships, Heals Speaking about the Past, Relieves Menstrual Pain and Muscular Pain

Serpentine: aids meditation and spiritual exploration; clears charkas; stimulates crown chakra; opens new pathways for kundalini to rise; retrieval of wisdom, past-life memory helps take control of life; cleansing and detoxifying for body, said to extend life; connects to nature; Earth element; all chakras; eliminates parasites, aids calcium and magnesium absorption, treats hypoglycaemia and diabetes

Shaaman Stone (Moqui Marbles or Thunderballs): Meteorite Core inside Hematitie-Iron Layer, Healing Stones, Connection to the Earth, Protection, Absorption of Negative Energies, Purify Chakric Column, Balance Masculine/Feminine, Connection to Ancient Ways and Future, Shamanic Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Overcoming Fear of Death, Reverence for All Life, Recognition of Infinity/Immortality

Shattukite: Understanding and Communicating Information from Spirit, Opens Psychic Channels, Mediumship, Stone of Truth, Stimulates Throat Chakra, Excellent for Public Speaking, for Teachers, Ministers, Lawyers, Politicians, Stimulates Third Eye, Psychic Abilities, Good for Intuitive Disciplines Like Astrology, Tarot, Runes, I Ching, Oracle Work, Sacred Truth, Deeper Wisdom, Overcomes Judgment, Teaches Self-responsibility, Spiritual Awareness, Balances Spleen, Bile and Acid in the Body

Shiva Lingam: Kundalini Activation, Spiritual Transformation and Rebirth, Enlightenment, Oneness with All, Balance of Masculine/Feminine, Vitality, Breaks Self-limiting Beliefs and Habits, Overcomes Judgment and Separation, Unlocks Pathway to a New Life, Strengthens and Balances Entire Body

Shungite: Grounding, Balancing, Absorbs and Eliminates Toxins at All Levels, Balances many elements in the Body, Excellent stone for Illness, Assists Being True to One’s Self & Navigating Difficult Situations, Strengthens the Aura, Best stone for Protection from Electromagnetic Pollution

Smithsonite: Tranquility, Calm, Kindness, Favourable Outcomes; Relieves Stress, Can prevent Mental Breakdown, Heals difficult Childhood/Abuse/Mistreatment, Helps those who feel Unloved or Unwanted, Heals Inner Child, Gently dissolves Emotional Hurt, Birth and Rebirth, Harmony, Diplomacy, Security, Aids the Immune System, Sinuses, Digestive Disorders, Osteoporosis and Alcoholism

Smoky Quartz: Grounding, Stress Relief, Neutralizes Negative Energy, Blocks Geopathic Stress, Protects against EMF, Assists Elimination and Detoxification, Releases that which no longer Serves, Gently dissolves Negative Emotions, Treats Radiation and Chemotherapy, Strengthens Nerves, Purifies

Sodalite: Stone of the Journey, Unites Logic with Intuition, Stimulates Pineal Gland and Third Eye, Clears Electromagnetic Pollution, Brings Harmony and Unity of Purpose to Families & Groups, Verbalization of Feelings, Calms Panic Attacks, Transforms Defensive or Oversensitive Personalities, Releases Core Fears and Guilt, Brings Shadow Self to surface without Judgment, Helps Acknowledge Teaching and Move On, Aids Cataracts/Glaucoma/Dyslexia/Incontinence/Bone Disorders/Recovery from Surgery/Assimilation of Calcium

Specular Hematite (or Specularite): Grounding and High Energy at same time, Helps to see Divine in Everyday Life, Helps Lightworkers bring their Aspirations forward into Physical Life, Helps Reach for the Stars/Pursues Dreams, Self-expression, Releases Judgment about one’s Spiritual Growth and Self-worth, True Expression of Spirit, Joyful Visions, Regulates effects of EMF, Energizes Blood

Spirit Quartz (Spiritite, Cactus Quartz or Porcupine Quartz): Aligns one with Higher Self, Brings Spirit into everything one does, Increases Speed of Spiritual Development, Peace of Mind, Freedom from Fear, Cleanses and Purifies Auric Field, Can Eradicate Negative Attachments and Repair Aura, Cooperation, Heals Self-centeredness/Confrontational/Egoism/Anti-socialism, Aids Shyness, Helps Overcome Procrastination

Stibnite (or Antimonite): Power of the Underworld, Transformation, Death and Rebirth, New Perspectives, New Opportunities, Great Wealth and Power, Focus, Helps Adjust to Changes in Earth/New Careers/Spirituality/Self-image, Discernment, Integration of Shifts in Genetic Patterns, Connection with ET’s, Aids Ascension Symptoms of Dizziness/Headaches/Poor Concentration/Hear Palpitations caused by changes in Earth’s Magnetic Fields, Releases Fears about Exploring Spiritual World and Higher Realms, Helps Body Incorporate Higher Frequencies, Cleanses Emotional Body, Counters Herpes, Heals Cold Sores, Boils & Infection in Cuts

Stillbite: Bliss; Spiritual Expansion, Creativity, Intuition, Manifestation, Aids Spiritual Journeying, Guidance, Direction, Scrying, Clears Subconscious Clutter, Treats Ligaments, Laryngitis, Loss of Taste and Throat Disorders, Potent Detoxifier, Helps move beyond what one thinks is Possible, aids those Overwhelmed by too many tasks, Calms ADD & ADHD, Maintains Mental Balance

Stitchtite: (Atlantasite is a combination of Stitchtite (purple) and Serpentine (green): Love, Forgiveness, Protection, Stimulates Kundalini, Heart Healer, Softens Hard Attitudes and Stubbornness, Dispels Shyness and Hesitation, Emotional & Physical Resilience, Rekindles Joy and Childlike Experience of Life, Courage, Eases Feelings of Separation and Loneliness, Supports Neural Pathway Regeneration, Good for Spinal Injury/Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, Sooths Nervous System, Supports Healthy Blood Pressure, Helps Emotionally based Craving and Binge Eating

Sugilite (Luvulite): Protection, Violet Ray, Purification of Inner & Outer Negativity, Shielding, Removal of Negative Attachments/Parasites, Karma Burner, Dreams, Meditation, Soul Purpose, Opening 3rd Eye, Courage. Optimism, Spiritual Passion, Overcomes Hopelessness/Despair and Feeling of being Overwhelmed or with No Options, Counteracts Nightmares, Insomnia and other Sleep Imbalances, Helps Sensitive People and Lightworkers, Aids Autism/ Schizophrenia/Epilepsy and Paranoia, Benefits Cancer, Relieves Pain, Purifies Blood

Sunstone: Happiness, Joy of Living, Truth, Lifts Depression, Detachment, Teaches how to say ‘no’, Stops Self-sacrifice, Facilitates Independence, Helps SAD, Removes Inhibitions, Increases Self-Worth/Self-confidence, Encourages Optimism/Enthusiasm, Helps shift from Ego to Heart, Leadership, Acting on Heart’s Convictions

Sacred Seven Crystal (Melody's Stone): Energy of Aurora Borealis, Aids Lightwork, Enhances Psychic Ability/Telepathy/Clairvoyance/Channelling/Telekinesis, Heals on All Levels, Balances/Clears and Energizes All Chakras, Stone of Ascension and Spiritual Enlightenment