Crystal Properties Directory: D - G

Danburite: Angelic Communication, Channeling, Higher Dimensions, Inter-dimensional Travel, Peace, Freedom, Pure, High Vibration, Dying Consciously, Karma Clearing

Dumortierite: Divine Inspiration, Psychic Ability, Inner Guidance, Enhanced Learning Capacity, Mental Discipline and Will Power, 3rd Eye Activation, Stamina, Helps Build Skills in Psychometry and Psychokinesis

Emerald: Inspiration, Infinite Patience, Successful Love, Domestic Bliss, Loyalty, Partnership and Friendship, Opens and Heals Heart Chakra, Heals Heartbreak, Prosperity, Overcomes Unworthiness & Abandonment, Powerful Physical Healer

Epidot: Releases Negativity, Amplifier, Brings What is in Accordance with One’s Highest Good, Physical Healer, Good for Skin, Thyroid, Nervous System and Dehydration, Heals Destructive

Dendritic or Tree Agate: Abundance, Peace, Connection to Earth, Addiction Recovery, Plant Communication and Healing, Stimulates Circulatory System

Dioptase: Compassion, Forgiveness, Powerful Heart Healer, Opens High Heart Chakra, Releases Karmic Patterns, Prosperity, Clears Festering Wounds and Forgotten Hurts, Activates T-Cells and Thymus, Best Stone for High Blood Pressure

Dolomite: Calm, Centeredness, Balance, Integration, Patience, Aura Healer, Stabilizes Emotions, Hormone Balancer, Aids Nightmares & Homesickness, Liver Detoxifier

Eudialyte: Life Force, Love, Connects Root and Heart Chakras, Unifies Heart’s Yearnings with Physical Life, Balances Survival and Fulfillment, Helps to Know Life Purpose, Overcomes Self-Criticism, Aids MS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, Good for Premature Infants and Critically Ill Children

Faden Quartz: Premiere Physical Healing Stone, Consciousness Expansion, Connection to Higher Vibrational Planes, Can Repair Etheric Blueprint, Heals, Break in Bones/ Muscle Tears and Nerve Damage, Heals Leaks/Holes and other Damage in Aura

Fluorite: Emotional Stability, Clarity, Mental Discipline, Self-Control, Organization, Alignment, Structure, Helps Change Unhealthy Habits, Brain Balancer

Fuchsite: Facilitates Access of Practical Knowledge such as Herbal Treatment/ Holistic Remedies and Health/Well-Being Guidance, Balances Service and Martyrdom, Heals Rescuer/Saviour Archetypes, Teaches Tough Love, Heals Self-Worth, Helps Overcome Power Struggle and Family Conflict, Overcomes Co-Dependency and Emotional Blackmail, Aids Repetitive Strain Injury, Balances White Blood Cells

Fulgerite: Manifestation of Higher Purpose, Surrender, Enhancement of Prayer, Kundalini Awakening, Powerful Magnifier of Clear Intentions, Purifying Vortex Energy for Entire Energy System, Channel for Divine Energy, Stone of Breakthrough and Release, Strengthens Blood flow, Heals Blockages, Facilitates Conscious Death Experience

Galena: Soul Retrieval, Past-life Recall, Alchemical Process of Self-transformation, Helps reclaim vilainized or denied aspects of self, Plumbing Depths of Self – Most Feared Regions of the Soul, Powerful Mirror, Shadow Self Work, EMF Protection, Supports Detox from Addictions, Chemotherapy and Radiation

Garnet: Energizing, Regenerating, Prosperity, Manifestation, Inspires Love and Devotion, Balances Sex Drive, Stimulates controlled rise of Kundalini, Strengthens Survival Instincts, Courage, Hope, Physical Security, Cleanses and Strengthens Root Chakra,

Goethite: Connects to Earth Mother, Physical Body and Matter, Heals Repressed Grief, Brings Awareness to Wounds pushed Deep into Sub-consciousness, Catharsis, Death and Rebirth, Akashic Records, Earth’s History, ET Connection, Prophesy, Communication with Children, Support to Health or Healing of the Physical Being

Gold: Purity of the Spiritual aspect of All-That-Is, Attainment and Connection with Source, Experience of Beauty, Highest Potential, Happiness, Wealth, Honor, Heals Depression, Inferiority and Over-Responsibility, Master Healer – Treats many Physical Conditions, Purifier of the Physical Body, Opens 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras, Helps Overcome Ego and Futility

Gold Tiger’s Eye: Earth and Sun Energy, Balance of Masculine and Feminine/Right and Left Brain, Stimulates Kundalini, Correct Use of Power, Reason, Commitment, Helps Heal Mental Dis-ease and Personality Disorders

Green Tourmaline: Inner Peace, Present Moment, Premier Physical Healer, Heals the Physical Heart, Harmony, Wholeness, Connection to Nature Spirits, Calms Nervous System, Promotes Cell Growth and Heals Cell-Growth Imbalances, Meditation Stone