Original Sight Sessions for Children or Adults

Ideally, Original Sight Sessions are offered to children or adults on a weekly basis. one session per week, over a period of several weeks. The student is expected to practice daily during this time and to continue practicing after their Original Sight Practice is complete.

I offer one-on-one sessions in-person for people in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  If you live near enough to bring your child to weekly sessions, you can contact me to book appointments.  If you are in another part of Canada or the world, you can contact me to find out if there is a certified ICU Teacher in your area, or to make arrangements for online sessions.

If there are no ICU Teachers in your area, and you want your children to experience the training in-person, you may wish to take the Original Sight practitioner Training yourself.  The training prepares to teach children and adults. You can then offer the sessions to your own children. You also have the option to complete 2 case studies and gain certification as an Original Sight Practitioner. This certification allows you to open an Original Sight Practice to offer sessions to children and adults. 

A Basic Original Sight Session

Original Sight Sessions consist of energy techniques and guided meditations intended to teach children to see blindfolded. Once the child learns to apply their consciousness in this unlimited way, it is then possible for them to learn to focus their minds in any way they wish. They can use the ability to access information, knowledge, healing ability, intuition, telepathy, remote viewing and much more. The abilities that express are unique to each child and help them to be their true selves and achieve their life purpose. 

Original Sight Sessions benefit one's mental and emotional well-being. In general, Original Sight Students become happier, more relaxed and more confident. They also exhibit maturity, improvement in social skills and self-expression, empathy, originality and creativity.


  • Single Original Sight Session: $65 + HST (no taxes for those living outside of Canada)
  • Blackout Mask: See me for a supplier list and recommendations
  • Original Sight Practitioner Training: $1000 + HST (no taxes for those living outside of Canada)